David Ortiz: Why the Media Should Be Fined for Hitting Big Papi

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David Ortiz: Why the Media Should Be Fined for Hitting Big Papi
Nick Laham/Getty Images
David Ortiz smiling after getting hit by a pitch for the first time in the regular season against the Yankees in the 4th inning.

If anybody followed SportsCenter and other ESPN shows yesterday, you should not have been surprised to find that David Ortiz did in fact get hit by a pitch in last night's game against the Yankees.

All day yesterday, SportsCenter continuously brought up the fact that David Ortiz had yet to be hit by a pitch against the Yankees in his 161 career regular-season games against the team.

Now, I have learned in school in my sports media/public relations class that the media should tell you what to think about, not what to think. I feel in this case that ESPN and SportsCenter really pressed the issue pushing it beyond what you should think about to more that you should expect it.

Of course, the fact the Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett hit two Yankee batters prior to the Yankees hitting Ortiz certainly gave the Yankees reason to retaliate. Yet, the Yankees could have chosen to hit Ortiz in his first at-bat after Derek Jeter got plunked, and then the Yankees had the option to hit Adrian Gonzalez or Kevin Youkilis prior to Ortiz getting hit in the fourth inning.

I believe David Ortiz has every right to blame the media (update: which he did), from their out-of-control coverage about the now infamous bat flip to their persistent bringing up of the hit-by-pitch fact.

I would say that Ortiz did put a target on his back with his continuous use of expletives in his interviews, but obviously he is upset with the unfair treatment of the media.

Now, when I say the media should be fined, I am merely making reference to how pitchers usually get fined for hitting players, so why shouldn't the media be held accountable for being responsible for hitting Ortiz?

The media just needs to check themselves and realize the power that they do hold in influencing thought and action.  

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