Boston Red Sox Smartest Move This Offseason? Holding on to Jacoby Ellsbury

Christopher GaspariniContributor IJune 10, 2011

Ellsbury is showing the league that there's nothing soft about his game in 2011
Ellsbury is showing the league that there's nothing soft about his game in 2011

I could post a weeks worth of reading if I wanted to talk about Jacoby Ellsbury's lost season of 2010.  But I wont.  What I can do, is tell you why keeping Ellsbury around was just as smart as the signings of Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford.  At this point of the story, you might think I'm out of my mind, though Crawford's very horrid start doesn't help him any, but Ellsbury is a key part of this offense and without him, the Red Sox would be just another team overpaying for an outfielder who isn't Werth the money.  See what I did there. 


One stat that jumps out at me this year is his OBP, which is at .370 and a lot higher than the past few seasons.  About 30 points higher from his career average to be exact.  This is something that a man in his position needed to work on and something a lot of experts gave Ellsbury a hard time on.  With the talent now stacked in the heart of the order, Ellsbury will be a sure thing for pulling in over 100 runs this year.  But that brings me to another stat that is very unlike the speedy center fielder.  His RBI total for a lead off hitter.  Ellsbury now sits with 32, that's a little more than half of his season totals from 2009 and we're in the first week of June.  With all the glamor and non-sense that can get caught up in this game sometimes, you have to remember that you win games by scoring runs, plain and simple.  Doesn't matter how they come.  It could be a walk off home run in the bottom of the ninth, or it could be a throwing error that costs a team a victory.  What I'm trying to say here is that Ellsbury is contributing in a lot more ways than one, especially in the run department.  The kid is scoring them and batting them in.  Throw in 7 home runs, already one shy of his home run high of his career, and to put these numbers into perspective.. We're only 62 games in.


A lot can be said about Ellsbury this year.  Maybe he has something to prove when everyone was calling him soft or he heard rumors of being traded.  Either way Jacoby is making a statement.  Match this seasons production with a glove that can't miss, legs that can't stand still, and you witnessing a career year for #2.  I'm going to have to say I told you so on this one.