Top 6 Liars in Sports History

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While the 2011 NBA Draft may be over, for the Minnesota Timberwolves draft pick Tanguy Ngombo things aren't looking good. It was revealed hours after the draft that Ngombo has lied about his age, a modern case to complement our worst liars in sports video.  

Brett Favre is a liar. He said he was retiring—then came back to play—twice. Oops. 

Lots of athletes say lots of things. Guaranteeing a win then not coming through in the clutch is a tradition as time-honored as college athletes cutting corners, baseball pretending guys were clean in the 90s and NFL players and owners today pretending they care about fans during a lockout. 

But those aren’t lies. Those are just athletes trying to will themselves or their team to victory. No harm in that.

Fans, for the most part, don’t believe these athletes and coaches are saints, nor do we take them at their literal word. Not when it’s about the game.

But when these people try to lie about important things (did you bet on baseball, are you taking that job, did you use PEDs) then lie to us on camera when the evidence is stacked against them, it’s a whole other story. 

Join us in a quick look back at some of the most famous liars in sports history. We’re not calling them liars, because we don’t have to. Their words and they themselves speak for us. Enjoy.

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