Eleven Things IMPACT WRESTLING Can Do To Go Big

Josh BarnettCorrespondent IJune 12, 2011

Eleven Things IMPACT WRESTLING Can Do To Go Big

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    While it is becoming less and less believable by the month, I believe Impact has the pieces and a roster to compete with WWE in ratings.

    Hulk Hogan has been there for every wrestling promotion's rise in history. He was the centerpiece of the WWE and important in the rise of the WCW. While Hogan may not like this fact, his name is not big enough anymore to carry a company to power anymore, as he is too old now to be the centerpiece.

    However, the roster has Sting, who at 52 is amazing for the work he is doing, and there is a roster full of (generally) young talent who can put up a big-time show.  

    WCW took off when they brought Hulk Hogan over, and he was followed soon after by Macho Man Randy Savage. They were able to take WWE products and grow big, and for an 88-week stretch, the WCW actually had higher ratings than the WWE.

    That is an incredible accomplishment, mostly because, mind you, this was during the WWE Attitude era headlined by Stone Cold, Rock and HHH.

    Now, the guys Impact have brought over from the WWE will not hurt them by any stretch, but they have the pieces to build on, as well as some homegrown talent to draw huge crowds in big arenas. 

11. Tour Nationally Consistently

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    The WWE tour schedule is grueling and rigorous. However, it attracts a national audience and keeps high interest.

    Live events in sporadic times will not work. Impact Wrestling needs to run a full-blown tour schedule nationally to bring a bigger fanbase and more exposure for their stars. 

10. Promote the X-Division

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    Bischoff and Hogan are totally dropping the ball on this at the moment.

    The X-Division has about as much history in Impact Wrestling as anything. Case and point, consider guys like Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal, Chris Daniels and Kazarian. The list could go on, but you see the point.

    Ultimate X is tremendously entertaining, as is the action. This cannot be the company's lead by any stretch, but tremendous support should be given to the shows featured by the X-Division. 

9. Turn Hogan Face

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    Deep down, I believe there is a sense of support and, to a degree, admiration for him still. However, Sting is totally right about Hogan turning on the people who loved him and made him.

    There are no more Hulkamaniacs because of the way Hogan treats them. No one wants to see Sting disrespected (whether you him like or hate him), and no one wants him being the jerk he is to the X-Division and other staples on the roster.

    There is absolutely no reason at all why fans should ever want a wrestling show without Hulk Hogan, like they currently do on Impact Wrestling, and he must be a manager for the people, giving them what they want in an effort to sell seats.

    I believe he is good for management and is a good guy. 

8. Be Original

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    Sting is one of the very few on a short WCW leftover list who can claim to be totally self made, in the sense of never carrying association with the best mind in history of pro wrestling, Vince McMahon. Sting truly embodies everything Impact wrestling should be. Even at 52, the network is very wise to keep him their champion. Impact must be original, but they pawn gimmicks and storylines from WWE too often, whether it be the dark rainy promos for Sting after WWE's 2/21/11 or others they have pulled.

    The creative team must do as they are called: BE CREATIVE. There are other storylines they can take to not be as predictable by always following suit with WWE. Impact actually has pieces in order to do this, which we will discuss later on. 

7. Bring Back Jay Lethal Before Vince McMahon Gets Him

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    If Eric Bischoff hated the X-division that much, this guy was certainly the wrong one to make an example of. Lethal has worked with bigger guys before including Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle. He worked a little while under tutelage from Kevin Nash and is a tremendous athlete. Kazarian sticks around because even as an X-division staple, he has size enough to dance with the bigger guys.

    Vince McMahon would do amazing things with a guy of Lethal's talents and entertainment skills. He would push Lethal at least to upper midcard with Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler and probably would put him in the world championship level. Get this guy back to work ASAP!

6. Give Some Stability to Samoa Joe

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    This guy is so mishandled and treated terribly. It drives him bonkers because he takes it, and half the time it is almost reminiscent of Macho Man Randy Savage the way his character is made. Impact Wrestling, you have a 280-pound athlete on your hands who can fly, run, and power struggle with the very best athletes talent wise.

    I like his dark side best, but in a babyface role, similar to the Undertaker being the conscience of the WWE. Joe could do that very believably and be world champion between a few more times in between. He is a constant loose cannon because there is nothing stable for him.

5. Bring Back a Clean Jeff Hardy and Make Him a Face

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    The way Hulk and Bischoff drove this man's career down the toilet is sickening to so many people. Impact Wrestling must bring Jeff Hardy back and push him to a championship contender level.

    This was a big signing when they landed him because at the time, Hardy was right up there as the most popular baby face with Randy Orton, Edge and John Cena. He drew an incredible rise from crowds across the country. For me it was similar to Hulk Hogan joining WCW.

    If Hardy was handled right, they could have went huge with him as their lead babyface. They still have time if they haven't lost him completely to his personal demons.  

4. Sign Dave Batista

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    Impact wrestling is dumb not to throw every penny they own at this man, and after that throw the kitchen sink. While that may still not be enough, no one would argue that they would hit the jackpot to have Batista.

    Batista has a great relationship with Ric Flair and would be a great guy for Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan and Crimson to become big time player with. He already has done a little work with Mr. Anderson, and the Sting confrontation would be epic.

    Batista has the wrestling and charisma to bring fans to huge arenas. 

    Batista has proven he can hold down a show, and if he was built around by AJ, Joe and Anderson, Impact would have enough to build a believable show. 

3. Push Matt Morgan Before He Goes Back to WWE

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    Is there a reason Matt Morgan has not been world champion in Impact Wrestling yet? This guy is a gem originally found by Paul Heyman in WWE. Morgan has got the babyface look and size to be an extremely believable World Champion. He should have been champion before in his bouts with Jeff Hardy, and he had excellent showings in both his matches.

    The Scott Steiner feud currently will be great for him to make him even more believable. For me this man benefits more than anyone on Impact wrestling from a Batista signing. It would allow Batista to be a heel at least initially, most probably as a part of Immortal, and Matt Morgan could become champ over him.

    If not pushed soon, one can easily see a WWE return in his future. WWE is currently very heel heavy, and Morgan is believable to insert into the main event directly. Vince McMahon was not sure what he had on his hands, or he would never have let him leave. Impact would be a great show with Matt Morgan as part of a babyface stable. 

2. Get Rid of Bischoff! FAST!

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    If Impact Wrestling is EVER going to be a big-time player in the business, they must rid themselves of any association with Eric Bischoff whatsoever. He has experience, he knows politics of the business and also he has shot literally everything he has touched out of business.

    WCW is totally on him! Yes, I said that and while that may not be all true, there is absolutely no reason for them to be out of business. I believe Vince McMahon would say that if he could go back, Bischoff would never have ever been apart of WWE. He drove them down to their lowest ratings in years, and Vince fired him in a most appropriate way to dump out the trash. 

    I don't care if he is Hulk Hogan's best friend. He is poison to any wrestling promotion he has been with, and Impact will never get off the ground as long as he is there. 

1. Make AJ Styles the No. 1 Guy

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    I believe Jeff Jarrett would agree with me when I say that this guy is the best that Impact wrestling has ever produced in home and by a far margin.  WWE is currently head and shoulders above Impact Wrestling because of John Cena. He is their poster boy and face of their entire promotion.

    Now this move is controversial admittedly, but consider that Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy, Matt Morgan, potentially Batista and Kurt Angle all have one thing in common: They are products of the WWE. 

    I said earlier that Impact needs to be original. There is no better way to do that than making this guy the lead babyface. While I cannot totally agree with him when he has said that Impact Wrestling is the house that he built, seeing AJ had the help of Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett's money and help from the X-Division, he has been a staple in this company since its inception.

    AJ has done some outstanding work with Jeff Jarrett in the early days and knows how to be world champion. Make this guy the centerpiece of the big time show. 


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    I'm not saying Velvet Sky has anything to do with what Impact needs to do to go big, but If there is anyone Vince McMahon would love to steal away from them, it's her!

    There isn't any lady in any wrestling promotion who has the total package of a woman in the pro wrestling like her: wrestling, mic skills and the most obvious, she is PRETTY!