NFL Trade Rumors: What's the Latest Buzz Around the Web Surrounding Kevin Kolb?

Marci NobleAnalyst IJune 10, 2011

NFL Trade Rumors: What's the Latest Buzz Around the Web Surrounding Kevin Kolb?

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    With the NFL lockout entering its 90th day, NFL news extends further into the realm of speculation and rumor.  No team can even discuss trades and/or contracts with each other or any free agents, let alone take any action.

    That hasn’t stopped media outlets everywhere from announcing the myriad possibilities to improve every facet of every team, and the Eagles' Kevin Kolb remains a favorite topic.

    Here is what people have been saying lately about Kevin Kolb.


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    Amidst the lockout, it has been fun for bloggers and others to chat extensively about what could happen.

    Dave Stoessel of
    has come up with as many as seven Kolb-related possibilities for Philadelphia ranging from straight-up trades to no trade at all.  The most interesting idea he posits is the notion of an outright trade with Arizona for cornerback Patrick Peterson. 

    Stoessel even conspires that perhaps the Cardinals picked up Peterson with this intention in mind.

Kolb’s Worth

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    A big question surrounding Kolb is his trade value. 

    Philly is trying to push Kolb as a future franchise quarterback for any team, needy or otherwise, and seems to be suggesting that the only reason they’d be willing to part with Kolb is to honor Kolb’s request to be traded.

    All this is undoubtedly intended to raise Kolb’s worth to the first-rounder the Eagles supposedly are asking for.

    A poll of a few of the league’s general managers, though, has indicated that Philadelphia is likely to get a first-rounder only from a desperate, option-free team for the rarely used backup.

    A posting at illustrates the potential truth in this by comparing the stats of Kolb and Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel, who had more experience, better numbers and was not worth a first-rounder to the then-hapless Chiefs.

    It’s becoming a popular notion that Kolb’s value actually mirrors Matt Shaub’s four years ago when he was traded from the Falcons to the Texans.  It seems a natural claim considering the similarities between the two.  They were both playing behind Vick at the end of their contracts in a quarterback-friendly market with limited live experience.

Comparison to QB Market

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    It may help Philly’s cause that some—including former Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner—believe Kolb is the best quarterback option on the market.


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    The common front-runner to land Kolb is the Arizona Cardinals, who have lacked leadership at quarterback since Kurt Warner retired. 

    Kent Somers, an Arizona beat writer, confirms that the Cardinals plan to pursue Kolb as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

    ESPN’s John Clayton points out why, illustrating the recent success rate of high-profile quarterback trades versus the potential production of Kolb in Arizona.

Might Stay in Philly

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    Of course, with no real news available, any reports of possible movement for Kolb is pure conjecture and it’s possible that Kolb may remain in Philly. 

    Andy Reid has made it clear that, despite rumors to the contrary, he has no firm plans in place to trade Kolb, saying only, “If he ends up going somewhere, more power to him, he deserves that opportunity. But I also like him here.”

    Kolb himself has wisely stated that he has no intention to throw a fit if he happens to be Vick’s backup again next year.

    “That’s not my style,” Kolb said of the possibility. “I think that I’ve voiced my opinion and there’s nothing more I can do. Just like always, whatever situation arises, I’ll just have to roll with the punches.”