USC's Next Stop: Tucson, Arizona!

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USC's Next Stop: Tucson, Arizona!

Quarterback Willie Tuitama and the Arizona offense take on Rey Maualuga and the bone-crushing USC defense Saturday night in Tucson, Arizona.  Arizona is ranked second in the Pac-10 right behind USC coming into this game and only has one more loss.

People in Tucson are hoping and thinking upset, but after USC's fall to Oregon State, Pete Carroll is going to prevent another upset from happening as much as possible Saturday.  He will have his USC team focused and ready to play.

The question is, will USC's defense continue to stay strong and hold off the streaky, quick, and smart Arizona offense?

Both teams are hot coming into this game. USC comes off another big week after shutting out another opponent and throwing up a whopping 69 points against Washington State, while Arizona recently beat a good Cal team.

Arizona's offense has looked great all season and has not had a hard time getting in the end zone. The difference about this particular game for Arizona is that they are facing the men of Troy defense, which in my belief is the best in the land!

Arizona will have a tough time running, passing, and even hearing after they get hit by Rey Maualuga, Brian Cushing, and Taylor Mays.  USC is going to be very focused for this game, especially on the defensive end.

Arizona running back Keola Antolin had a lot of success last week against Cal.  He ran for three scoring touchdowns and had over 140 yards.  He will have a tough time this week running up the gut and trying to break out into the perimeter.

Antolin is a freshman, and this is probably the biggest game of his career so far.  I can tell you right now, he has not faced a team like USC.

USC's main concern for this game is their secondary.  Arizona can throw the ball, so they have to be ready for that.  Also they have to watch getting sucked in to the fake.  Arizona can throw and run, so USC has to watch for biting on the play action.

I believe USC can contain Arizona's rushing game on the inside run and out as well as protecting the pass.  Watch for Brian Cushing to be all over the place in this game for the Trojans, and Rey Maualuga will be flying in with a lot of blitz calls right off the bat to rattle and scare Tuitama.

USC's defense will be ready for this game, and I believe they are very capable of even getting their third shutout in a row.

My final score prediction: USC 30, Arizona 3.

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