New York Knicks: The Laughing Stock of Professional Sports

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New York Knicks: The Laughing Stock of Professional Sports
As a devoted fan of the New York Knicks, I have painfully watched game after game, left heartbroken and frustrated. The saddest part is that the team actually has talent. A lot of it.

I’ll attempt to explain, to the best of my abilities, what has gone wrong with this underachieving team.

1) Lack of Passing

The Knicks don’t play like a team, but rather as five individuals in a one on one game. In spite of all the team’s talent, the Knicks starting line up does not feature a single player who is willing to accept the fact that it takes 5 to win.

While the team does have some solid team players, such as David Lee and Renaldo Balkman, they rarely get enough playing time to make any difference.

2) Lack of Coaching

Isiah Thomas is in the midst of one of the most horrendous coaching seasons I have ever seen. He continues to give time to the same selfish, failing players, while talented team players (Lee, Balkman, Wilson Chandler) and others warm the bench.

I sincerely believe that a starting line up that including Lee, Balkman, and Nate Robinson in place of their counterparts would result in more wins, as they all know how to coordinate their efforts. By failing to make intelligent choices in the players he utilizes, a large portion of the blame can be placed on the shoulders of Coach Thomas.

3) Lack of Heart

Unfortunately, a majority of Knicks players appear to be playing with absolutely no heart. Take Eddy Curry, for example. With his height and extreme athleticism, there is absolutely no excuse for averaging less than 10 rebounds per game.

He puts so little effort into rebounding and defense that the Net’s Jason Kidd, a point guard, averages more rebounds than he does.

Other players (such as Marbury, Richardson, and James) have also underachieved since the beginning of their tenure with the team. Some Knicks members do play with all their heart and soul, but are rarely given the chance to make a significant impact.

These are just a few of the reasons explaining why the Knicks have struggled mightily all season. Until they find a new Coach, and possibly even a new owner, I have trouble expecting any dramatic improvement in the near future.

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