Mountaineer Football 2011: 10 Things We Cant Wait for This Season

Bob AllenCorrespondent IIAugust 31, 2011

Mountaineer Football 2011: 10 Things We Cant Wait for This Season

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    In only a few days we Mountaineer fans will make the trip to Morgantown, West Virginia and continue a fall long tradition that allows us to get through the rest of our year. OK, well it may not be that dramatic but I know I, for one, am certainly looking forward to the start of some college football! 

    As Mountaineer fans there are certain things that each and every one of us look forward too during the football season. Some are a little higher on the priority list than others, but they are all important to us. Here I wanted to mention just a few of them for this upcoming season, if I forget to mention one that someone else is looking forward to, by all means place it in the comment section so we don't forget!  

    As I write this it is only five days until kickoff against in-state opponent Marshall.

Cracking Open That First Beer at the Tailgate!

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    What else can I say, if you like college football (or most sports for that matter) then you like beer. But those of us that enjoy West Virginia football like beer more. OK I don't know that we like beer more than every other fan base in the country, but I do know that we have a tendency to drink, party and get rowdy. When I open that first beer at the tailgate this Sunday at about 9 am or so I will know that football season is here.

See a Successfull and Exciting Offense on the Field Again at Mountaineer Field

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    Everybody already knows about how Dana Holgorsen's offense is going to be high flying, fast paced and exciting to watch. Now all of us want to actually see it in Morgantown.

    Bill Stewart and Jeff Mullen are (according to this Mountaineer fan) thankfully no longer in town, so I am wanting to see some good decisions, no confused looks on our sideline and some wins where there are supposed to be wins.

    With all of the excitement and anticipation we have been experiencing during the offseason directed toward this offensive philosophy it is time to see some results on the field. Bring it home!

Lousiana State Coming to Morgantown

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    Anyone out there want to win this one?

    The game was an offensive disaster last year for both teams. Both teams had issues moving the ball. Neither team had more than 230 yards of total offense, and LSU did not have one passing touchdown the entire game. If not for a Patrick Peterson punt return for a touchdown this game may have ended very differently.

    This year the Tigers will have to deal with a different offense and won't have the crowd on their side. 

The Mountaineers Going 11-0 Againgst the Thundering Herd

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    The Friends of Coal Bowl last year made a lot of Mountaineer fans sweat and a lot of Marshall fans thinking they could pull of the greatest win in school history just past the middle of the fourth quarter. However reality and fantasy are two different things.

    They gave us a run for our money during Doc Holliday's first season and I feel the Herd will be more successful under Holliday than Mark Snyder. But I don't think Doc will have as much insight into Dana Holgorsens's offense as he did Jeff Mullen's.

Seeing Some New Traditions

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    That's right everybody, there will be a few changes to your game day experience in Morgantown that we didn't have in previous years. Check them out below.

    1) The Mountaineer Mantrip.

    2) 300 some pound lump of coal.

    3) New cheer during kickoffs and punts.

    4) Beer sold inside the stadium.

Backyard Brawl 2011

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    The Backyard Brawl this season just like every season has a large amount of excitement hovering around it. The difference this year from the rest? WVU and Pitt both have first year head coaches and WVU head coach Holgorsen will be a head coach for the first time ever.

    It will be up to us fans to show our new coaches just how important this game is to us. Sure Todd Graham and Dana Holgorsen already have a history, but now they are coaching at schools that have a history.

    Be loud, obnoxious and unpleasant; the rest will take care of itself.

An Exciting Dana Holgorsen Interview After a Big Win

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    Seriously has anybody watched any of his press conferences? The guy straight up does not enjoy talking to the media. I honestly do not have a problem with that, but man you would have to think that he would rather enjoy an iterview if he just defeated LSU, Pitt or just claimed the conference title.

    I think it will be interesting to see, let's hope he gives us something to be excited about!

Seeing Bruce Irvin Rack Up Just as Many Sacks as Last Leason

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    Bruce Irvin was a beast last season as a pass rush specialist. He wasn't even an every down player and he finished second in the nation in sacks with 14. If he can handle being an every down player then the opposing quarterbacks had better watch out.

    Can't wait to hear and yell BRUUUUUUUUCE!

Seeing a West Virginia Reciever Catch for More Than 1,000 Yards

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    It has only happened twice in the school's entire history. David Saunders in 1996 and Chris Henry in 2003.

    With the offense we have now there should be no reason why we should not have one or two 1,000 yard receivers. It seems Tavon Austin should be one and maybe even Stedman Bailey, but whoever it is it will be good to see.

Welcoming That Next Great Mountaineer Running Back

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    The one thing WVU has done well in the past is run the ball. WVU has a proud history of running backs that run for 1,000 yards a season.

    Mountaineers have run for 1,000 yards in a season on 22 separate occasions. Players from Garret Ford Sr. in 1966 to Noel Devine in 2009 have represented the Mountaineer running game very well.

    But who could it be this year? Devine has moved on, and there is no clear cut favorite to inherit his spot as "the" WVU running back. Even Dana Holgorsen has said he will rotate through pretty much every running back currently on the roster until a clear favorite is established.

What Are You Looking Forward to This Season?

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    Tell us all what you are looking forward to this season.