Brits Favor the New Orleans Saints

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IOctober 24, 2008

New Orleans Saints' quarterback, Drew Brees (above, right), will face his former team, the San Diego Chargers, on Sunday at Wembley Stadium in London, England.

That's quite a storyline.

Now, I may be crazy or something, but it looks to me like the Londoners are embracing the New Orleanians and their team that has made the trip across the pond. All throughout the "tube" (subway) stations and on bus kiosks, posters have been put up saying things like, "Go Saints," and an assortment of other sayings.

The game is expected to do a lot of good for the city of New Orleans.

"We did three television stations and nine newsprint journalists, all covering the city in advance of the game. We've been able to really tell the New Orleans story beyond the Saints," says Mary Beth Romig, spokeswoman for the New Orleans Convention and Visitors' Bureau.

Romig went on to say that New Orleans' food and music will be featured throughout London at the special weekend events.

The "Who Dat" fans have already started a festival in London. Called "Festival New Orleans," it is biggest gathering of New Orleans chefs outside of the United States, ever. One thing is for certain, you can be sure that the gumbo pots were not forgotten.

Hopefully, the New Orleanians can introduce the Brits to a big party, after the Saints win.