San Francisco 49ers: Anthony Davis and the Interview Gone Bad

Ryan The Broker@@ryanthebrokerAnalyst IJune 9, 2011

SANTA CLARA, CA - AUGUST 02:  Anthony Davis #76 works out during the San Francisco 49ers training camp at their training complex on August 2, 2010 in Santa Clara, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Since I began sports blogging a short time ago, I have been reaching out to players on the 49ers via Twitter and email trying to score an interview.

In no way am I claiming or trying to be the next Barrows or Kawakami. As a matter of fact I am not trying to be a reporter of any kind. 

I am a blogger. I am a Niner fan. I am not a journalist. 

I earn my living in real estate. I write on Bleacher Report because I love talking sports, particularly 49er football. 

I write my biased opinions about my favorite team (the 49ers) for pure entertainment. 

So I figured Anthony Davis (starting right tackle for the 49ers) understood this when finally agreeing to do an interview with me.

This would have been a good time for him to make a good impression on the thousands of diehard 49er fans who read my blogs. After all, who is going to do an interview softer than a 49er fan?

On Sunday, June 5, after Mr Davis sent me his email address, I sent him the following email (this is copy and pasted, word for word):

Mr. Davis,

Thank you for taking the time and agreeing to answer these questions for me. Niner fans will be thrilled to hear from you, as am I. 

1. Were you able to meet with any of your new coaching staff during the brief window when the lock out was suspended? 

2. How do you feel about Jim Harbaugh and the addition of Tim Drevno to the O-line coaching staff joining Mike Solari?  

3. We have all heard everything about this (Alex Smith-run) mini camp taking place tomorrow. Will you be in attendance?

4. This lockout is obviously not something anyone wants. Do you think the NFL will have a full season this year?

5. How have you been spending your time this offseason?

6. You are going into your second year in the NFL. Does that add any level of confidence to your game?

7. How do you feel about the addition of Kilgore and Person? Do think you will be able to help those guys develop into quality depth for the organization?

8. You obviously have the talent to be a top offensive lineman in the NFL, what is your career goal as a professional football player and as a 49er?

9. How do like the life in the Bay Area?

10. Again, thank you for your time Anthony, we really appreciate it.

After four days without a response, I tweeted him and that’s when the conversation began. Some screenshots can be seen below.

Ryan The Broker

@AnthonyDavis76 when are you going to let me get out the good word?


Anthony Davis

@ryanthebroker your questions are too personal for me bro.


Ryan The Broker

@AnthonyDavis76 I just reread them. Not one personal question besides how do you like the bay. No worries man. good luck

He continued...

Anthony Davis

@ryanthebroker do i ask you what you do when you get home from wrk?

And continued...

Anthony Davis

@ryanthebroker or where u go on your freetime? Thats awkward bro. Ask me about football but besides that im good bro.


Ryan The Broker

@AnthonyDavis76 Sorry man. Don't know what your deal is. I didn't ask you that. It's cool. good luck.


Anthony Davis

@ryanthebroker thanks

One minute later I saw him tweet this: 

Anthony Davis

They love you then they hate you then love you againn... I say f__K em all.

Except he spelled the whole word.

I took offense, because I assume "em all" meant, or at least included, me. Which made me write this article and tweet this:

Ryan The Broker

Welcome @AnthonyDavis76 but no one lies on me like that. I will post the actual questions and the communication between us for everyone.

Needless to say, he erased the conversation and I am left confused about what happened.

To be completely honest Mr. Davis, I don't care what you do when you get home from work and I don't care how you spend your free time.

If you are not capable of using the lob-ball questions I asked, for your benefit, then you should hire someone in PR or just don't agree to the interview.

I was asking questions pertaining to football. I was asking questions that you could have used to show the fans how much you like being here and how hard you are working.

I have friends in the NFL. I am not some groupie. I am a fan of the 49ers, but not of Anthony Davis anymore.

Last year you were a rookie, so I expect you will improve your play greatly this year. I can see you developing and learning to become a solid right tackle.

As a 49er fan, I hope you do, but you have a long way to go as a professional, even if you dominate the line.

Thanks for reading.

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