MMA News: UFC Middleweight Contender Chael Sonnen Calls out Lyoto Machida

JP SmithCorrespondent IIJune 9, 2011

Photo Courtesy of Dave Mandel/
Photo Courtesy of Dave Mandel/

According to his post on Twitter, UFC middleweight title contender, Chael Sonnen has officially called out Brazilian UFC light heavyweight title contender, Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida.

“Hey Anderson, stick to what your country does best; like soccer or harboring infectious disease. Oh, and tell Lyoto that I'M CALLING HIM OUT,” said Sonnen via his Twitter account.

With legal issues preventing the sanctioning of Sonnen by the California State Athletic Commission, time will only tell when he will be seen back in action.

Should Sonnen get the chance to face Machida, UFC fans will no doubt be excited for this potential matchup.

Sonnen is known for his outspoken and downright hilarious commentary outside of the cage, along with his brutal, non-stop blend of wrestling, boxing and sheer dominance inside the cage.

With a professional record of 25 wins and 11 losses, Sonnen is the only man to beat UFC middleweight champion, Anderson “The Spider” Silva for all five championship rounds on all three judges' scorecards, until he got caught in a triangle choke at the end of Round Five and was forced to tap.

He also is the only fighter to wobble Silva, if even for a moment.

Sonnen by definition is a true fighter through and through and is notorious for being willing to fight anyone at any time, as he’s thrown verbal punches at just about every UFC champion in every weight class above lightweight.

Regardless of whether he will get his wish to face Machida or not, you can be sure that whoever he fights next will be in for the fight of their life.

You can follow Sonnen on Twitter at:!/sonnench