West Virginia Football: Chuck Landon Tweets That School Will Fire Bill Stewart

Bob AllenCorrespondent IIJune 9, 2011

I hate to contribute to the already rampant rumor mill, but hey, I am human.

Chuck Landon, a sports writer of the Huntington, WV based Herald-Dispatch, today reported or stated on his Twitter account, that West Virginia University plans to fire Bill Stewart and pay him a buyout of $600,000.

If this is true that would more than likely mean that current offensive coordinator and head coach in waiting Dana Holgorsen will take over a season earlier than what was anticipated.

The thing that we should be asking ourselves right now before we let this get too out of hand is "how creditable is Chuck Landon?"

Landon has a history for writing articles that put the Mountaineers in a light that is less than favorable. He often writes about the Friends of Coal Bowl being extended past the 2012 season, however, no deal has been reached to make this a reality.

Only time can tell if this rumor is really reality and Coach Bill Stewart has been let go.

If it is true, I would like to be one of the first to stand up and say "THANK YOU Bill Stewart for keeping West Virginia football from sinking to the bottom of the college football world."

The past few seasons may have been all 9-4 seasons, but it could have been much worse. We could have not been prepared for the Fiesta Bowl after Rich Rodriguez left for Michigan, but because of your leadership we were prepared, and now that has become one of the greatest, if not the greatest win in WVU history.

I do not trust Chuck Landon, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.