Mayweather vs Ortiz: Another Shrewd Move by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIIJune 9, 2011

Another smart move for PBF.
Another smart move for PBF.Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The other day Floyd Mayweather, Jr. went on Twitter and announced that he will fight Victor Ortiz in September. Talk about shrewd. 

Whatever you say about Money May, you can't call him stupid. That's because you would be wrong.

Fighting the over-hyped Ortiz right after he won a title by beating overrated never was Andre Berto means he will have both an easy fight and one that his fans will claim to be over a top contender.

What a coup for the man who doesn't like to fight anyone who might be able to beat him.

More importantly the boxing press has already signed onto the hype around Ortiz so they can't bag on PBF for fighting the young man.

He's also helping out his promoter by picking one of their fighters and bringing in more money to the Golden Boy coffers.

The one thing this won't be is a competitive fight.

Victor Ortiz does have a big punch and that means fight fans will always enjoy his bouts. In many of his fights both he and his opponents land on the canvas more than once.

Unfortunately, Vicious also has serious flaws in his game and he will never be an elite fighter.

I know a lot of people are saying Ortiz just needed to go up in weight and that's why he looked better against Berto than he did against LaMont Peterson. Then again, he couldn't have looked much worse.

Ortiz did manage to knock down Peterson, but the rest of the fight he looked terrible.

The main reason Ortiz moved up is because he could never beat slick talented fighters like Tim Bradley and Amir Khan at 140.

He couldn't beat Marcos Maidana if they fought again either and he most certainly won't beat Floyd.

Look for Floyd to show Ortiz what an elite fighter looks like, while carving him up and avoiding Ortiz's punches for an easy twelve round win.

A win as boring as any Floyd has ever had.

That's because Ortiz is a second tier fighter and always will be a second tier fighter.

Casual fans will buy the hype however and that's all Floyd really cares about.

It is a smart move but it won't prove anything to people who really know the sport.