Breeders Cup 2008-Waiting on Sally

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Breeders Cup 2008-Waiting on Sally
The Breeder's Cup is this Saturday and this year has a very very good line up. Every year, my favorite horse in Classic is like the 3rd or 4th choice and this year is no different. I am pulling for Tiago, millionaire and half-brother to Kentucky Derby shocker Giacmo. He is going up against Curlin (thank you Mr. Jackson!!!), Pyro, and Europe's best. No great loss that Big Brown is out.

Between now and Saturday, I am waiting for all the pundits who told the horse racing industry where to stick it after the Kentucky Derby to do a follow up story on the improvements made...namely Sally Jenkins. She and I spar it out over a few e-mails over the safety of the game. Of course, no one is going to write about improvements, because postive news doesn't get one a Pulitzer.

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