WWE, ECW: The 13 Bloodiest Matches in Recent Wrestling History

Jon SainzAnalyst IIJune 14, 2011

WWE, ECW: The 13 Bloodiest Matches in Recent Wrestling History

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    If you are disgusted at the sight of blood, stop reading immediately.

    I really don't know why anyone who dislikes blood would start in the first place, but I warn you: there will be blood, a lot of it.

    If on the other hand you like blood and miss the original ECW, this is for you.

    Here are some of the bloodiest matches in wrestling's recent history.

    Most of them are from the WWE and a couple from ECW, there are none from TNA. Mainly because I don't watch it.

    This is my first video slideshow, so it's a bit weird: Some of the matches are full (and may have various links), but some are only highlights.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kane

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    Even if this was a First Blood match, meaning that it should have ended as soon as one of the participants started to bleed, that didn't exactly happen.

    With the referee knocked out (WOW first time I've seen that), Austin made Kane bleed, but was subsequently attacked by The Undertaker with a chair and started bleeding himself.

    When the referee came to his senses, he saw Austin's face covered in blood and declared Kane the winner.

Dudleys vs. Sandman & Tommy Dreamer

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    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

    I loved this PPV. The original One Night Stand, this was the Main Event. 

    A Tag Team match between the D-Von Dudley, Bubba Ray Dudley, Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman (whose entrance was also awesome).

    Before the match even started, Sandman was already busted open. Then the match turned into a carousel of ECW alumni who hadn't been part of the PPV earlier. 

    Then the match finally started and all hell broke loose. This guys love each other and yet all of them lost a lot of blood.

    After the match, Austin made an appearance and the ECW originals had a brawl with the WWE crusaders.

    Just watch it. It's far better than anything I can write.

HHH vs Kane

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    Here's the match itself

    Chain match for the IC title.

    I think the "Chain Match" speaks for itself.

    Yet another match in which Kane makes someone bleed profusely, in this case, HHH. 

Brett Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    The match that put Stone Cold over. 

    He bled so much he legitimately passed out; now that's a crazy SOB.

5 in 1

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    First of all this is not my ranking, but I agree that all those matches are bloody as hell. A bit about each of them:


    Batista vs. The Undertaker

    Hell in a Cell match for the WHC. 

    Both guys left a lot of blood in the ring.


    Rated RKO vs. Degeneration X

    Both Edge and Orton left blood in the ring.


    Mick Foley vs. Edge

    One of the latest Hardcore matches, includes a flaming table. 

    One of the highlights of WrestleMania 22 and one of the best matches in Edge's and Foley's careers.


    Eddie Guerrero vs. JBL

    Eddie covered in his own blood. 

    Probably Eddie's most violent match in WWE and one of the bloodiest in the history of the WWE itself.


    John Cena vs. JBL

    An old school "I quit" match: bloody, violent and hardcore.

Sabu vs Terry Funk

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    ECW was extreme. All kind of foreign objects were not only allowed, but encouraged.

    To surpass themselves, they decided to make a little change to the ring: The ring ropes are barbed wire. 

    Sabu is completely crazy and has no regard for his body, which is covered in scars because of it.

    Terry Funk is old now, and was already old when this match took place. He's also completely crazy; the guy entered a Royal Rumble with a working chainsaw.

    Mix all that, and you have this match.

Ian Rotten vs. Axl Rotten

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    Part 2

    Taipei Death Match.

    Here's how it goes: You tape your hands, put super glue in them and attach as many crystals as you can to your hands.

    Sounds crazy?

    It is completely crazy, but it's also as bloody as it gets, so here you have the match.

Beulah McGuillicutty vs. Bill Alfonso

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    A former referee.

    A woman, who had never wrestled.

    Five minutes.

    Not a match, more like a brawl.

    Even so it's one of the most brutal five minutes in ECW history, acknowledged by Paul Heyman in both "The Rise and Fall of ECW" and "Bloodsport: ECW's Most Violent Matches"

Mass Transit Incident

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    Eric Kulas was in an ECW house show. 

    He was 5'10" and 350 pounds.

    Axl Rotten was nowhere to be found, and he had a match booked for that night.

    Kulas and his father told Paul Heyman that he had been trained by Killer Kowalski and was 23 years old.

    Neither of those statements were true. He had no wrestling training whatsoever and was 17 at the time.

    ECW officials believed him and let him take Axl Rotten's place.

    That was a bad idea, as it had a lot of bad repercussions for the promotion.

Mick Foley

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    How can I do a slideshow about blood and hardcore wrestling and not include Mick Foley?

    He deserves a special mention, he's lost countless gallons of blood, teeth and part of an ear. 

    Most of his matches are a blood fest, so just take your pick on which one is the most bloody, because I can't.


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    Hardcore wrestling at its prime.

    All matches in this promotion were extreme, but sometimes they were able to surpass themselves. 

    "Bloodsport: ECW's Most Violent Matches" is a must watch for any bloody wrestling fan.

    Three of the matches in this DVD made the list, but the rest are also as violent as it gets.

    The matches included are:

    WWE Bloodsport - ECW's Most Violent Matches 
    ECW Tag Team Championship Match - Hardcore TV - 27/08/94 
    Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck vs. Public Enemy 
    Extreme Warfare Vol. 1 - 18/03/95 
    Sandman & Terry Funk vs. Cactus Jack & Shane Douglas 
    Taipei Death Match - Hardcore Heaven - 01/07/95 
    Ian Rotten vs. Axl Rotten 
    Mexican Death Match - November 2 Remember - 18/11/95 
    Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Psicosis 
    Four Corners Match - ECW Television Title - Heatwave - 13/06/96 
    Shane Douglas vs. Chris Jericho vs. 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Pitbull #2 
    Weapons Match - Hardcore Heaven - 22/0696 
    Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Lee 
    Stretcher Match - The Doctor Is In - 03/08/96 
    Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu 
    3-Way Dance #1 Contender's Match for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship - Barely Legal - 13/04/97 
    Terry Funk vs. Sandman vs. Stevie Richards 
    Barbed Wire Match - ECW World Heavyweight Championship - Born to be Wired - 09/08/97 
    Sabu vs. Terry Funk 
    Intergender Match - As Good As It Gets - 20/09/97 
    Beulah McGillicutty vs. Bill Alfonso 
    ECW Death Match - Heatwave - 02/08/98 
    Tazz vs. Bam Bam Bigelow 
    ECW World Heavyweight Championship - House Party - 16/01/99 
    Tazz vs. Shane Douglas 
    Chicago Street Fight - Falls Count Anywhere - ECW Tag Team Championship - Hardcore TV - 05/07/99 
    Dudley Boyz vs. Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney 
    ECW World Championship Match - Guilty as Charged - 09/01/00 
    Mike Awesome vs. Spike Dudley 
    ECW on TNN - 25/02/00 
    Rhino vs. Sandman 
    3-Way Dance - ECW on TNN - 03/03/00 
    Super Crazy vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Little Guido 
    "I Quit" Match - Guilty as Charged - 07/01/01 
    Tommy Dreamer vs. C.W. Anderson 
    ECW One Night Stand - 12/06/05 
    Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka