WWE Capitol Punishment: Breaking Down Randy Orton's World Title Match *Spoiler*

Joe M.Correspondent IJune 8, 2011

Before you continue reading, this article does contain spoilers for the June 10, 2011 edition of Friday Night Smackdown, although it does not spoil any match outcomes, only announcements made on the show.

Randy Orton and Christian will go at it again at Capitol Punishment for the world heavyweight championship.  Their matches have been good so far and there is no reason this match should be any different.

The quality of the match isn't really the question here, though.  With two veterans like Orton and Christian in the ring, there is little doubt that the match will deliver.  The question is whether or not WWE will put the world heavyweight championship back on Christian.

The IWC was outraged when Christian dropped the world heavyweight championship to Randy Orton just two days (or five days with the tape delay) after winning the belt.  Ever since, then fans have been anticipating his next title run.

Despite what the IWC wants to see, Christian doesn't have a whole lot going for him walking into Capitol Punishment, and it looks like Randy Orton will retain his world heavyweight championship.

Randy Orton was moved to Smackdown to become the face of the brand after Edge's career was cut short.  Part of being the face of the brand is being the world champion—not forever, but for a respectable amount of time.

It's a fairly simple reason, but it's why my pick for Randy Orton vs. Christian at Capitol Punishment is Randy Orton.