Ohio State Football: Five Possible Punishments for the Buckeyes

Matt Zvolanek@MattZvolanekCorrespondent IIJune 9, 2011

Ohio State Football: Five Possible Punishments for the Buckeyes

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    It started with a tattoo.  From there, it grew.  It chipped down the layers, taking a coach and a quarterback.  And it's just starting. 

    What is it? It's the NCAA investigation of the Ohio State football program under former coach Jim Tressel.  That one tattoo caused Tressel to lie about it, which caused him to resign, which caused more snooping from the NCAA, which caused Terrell Pryor to quit. 

    Now there are all sorts of rumors floating around.  Car discounts, paid autograph sessions, and numerous other things have turned the crystalline reputation of the Ohio State University a murky brown. 

    The NCAA doesn't look kindly on situations like this.  The Buckeyes are going to get punished.  It's inevitable.  Here is what could happen.


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    A lot of schools have been on probation.  Ohio State has been on it itself. 

    Pretty much, all a team has to do is commit a violation and they will be put on probation.  This is one of the most likely scenarios to come out of the findings from the NCAA.

Decreased Scholarships

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    In addition to probation, other penalties can be administered.  Another common one is loss of scholarships.

    USC had this happen to them just last year for the whole Reggie Bush scandal.  Don't be surprised to see this punishment on Ohio State's list, also.

Forfeiture of Wins

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    Nothing is more embarrassing than producing a winning season, only to have those wins stripped from the record books.  This has been very common in recent years. 

    There was the vacation of wins at Florida State, and more recently, USC.  Florida State lost the wins due to an academic cheating scandal, while USC lost their wins because of Reggie Bush and improper benefits. 

    Ohio State could possibly lose some, if not all, of the wins they recorded with Terrelle Pryor behind center.

Postseason Bowl Ban

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    Notice a repeating trend here? USC appears to be in a lot of these.  That's how serious the NCAA takes players receiving improper benefits. 

    Not only did the Trojans lose scholarships, wins, a national title, and a Heisman winner, they also lost the chance to play in the postseason for two years. 

    Depending on what the NCAA finds out about Terrelle Pryor, car discounts, etc., don't be surprised to see this also happen.

The Death Penalty

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    The Death Penalty.  Just the utterance of those three words can send shivers up one's spine.  Just imagine if it happened to your team.  If your team is SMU, then it already has. 

    In the '80's, the Mustangs were paying players to come to SMU.  When the NCAA found out, they threw the book at them.  No football in 1987 and no home games in '88, plus a ban from television.  Needless to say, the punishment decimated the once-mighty Mustangs. 

    They have only recently started to come back from it.  The NCAA has been reluctant since then to implement the Death Penalty. 

    Ohio State fans shouldn't worry too much about it (unless there is a lot more stuff the Buckeyes have been hiding).