Impact Wrestling News: Samoa Joe and Crimson Feud Heats Up, Joe Attacks Crimson

Charlie GSenior Writer IJune 8, 2011

While visiting the official iMPACT Wrestling homepage, I noticed a story headlined, "Officials Investigating Samoa Joe's attack on Crimson." It made me curious so I clicked on it.

Apparently, Samoa Joe attacked Crimson at a bar this past Saturday. The attack was filmed by another "customer" and posted on YouTube and now,

Samoa Joe and Crimson are booked to face each other at Slammiversary next Sunday.

What will happen on iMPACT this Thursday? What'll happen at Slammiversary?

I think this is an interesting build to their on-going feud.

TNA definitely tried to make this look real and, I think, is a cool way to expand their feuds even out of the ring.

The video from the attack can be found here