Another Tar Heels Defeat: Talk to Me in March

David BroomeContributor IJanuary 22, 2008

As an avid Heels fan, I was sad to see the team lose to Maryland.

But while others see it as if the sky were falling, I understand the defeat as simply a breakdown in defense.

Although Carolina has a high-powered offense, their defense will not go down as legendary. I'm true to my blue, but I wish they would tighten up that end of their game.

Holding a fair share of responsibility for the poor defense is Tyler Hansbrough. He may be 6' 9", but teams are still finding a way to shoot over him.

Now, Hansbrough is a great player nonetheless, and he makes three-point plays look easy. Some say he is a wimp who too easily gets the fouls called in his favor, but I wish these people would really look at how he plays. This guy hustles. And I believe he still has room to improve his game; he's just now added a solid jump shot to his arsenal.

To back track a bit, I'm not going to go crazy over a loss to Maryland. The heels played a good game, and the last time I checked, it was just January. At the beginning of the 2004-2005 season Carolina lost to Santa Clara, who obviously isn't known as a powerhouse in basketball. Well, Carolina won the national championship that year.

So basically you're going to lose in college basketball. This fact is even more true in the ACC, where the old school rivals are deeply historic and deeply entrenched.

Yes, the loss to Maryland was a loss, but all is not lost. Just talk to me in March.