WWE: My Friday Night Smackdown 6/10

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIJune 10, 2011

WWE: My Friday Night Smackdown 6/10

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    Welcome Bleachers to another fantasy Smackdown show!

    Before we begin I will give a quick recap of last week's show.

    Sheamus opened the show inside Teddy Long's office complaining about not being in the World Heavyweight title picture. Sheamus demanded to be included in the title hunt, but Long would have none of it and sent Sheamus packing. William Regal then met with the "Celtic Warrior" and discussed a mysterious "opportunity" with him.

    Our first match of the evening was Ezekiel Jackson vs. Heath Slater. Short and sweet, the match was a squash. Jackson had full control until The Corre interfered and left Jackson down in the ring.

    Jinder Mahal made his debut against Trent Barreta. This was also a squash as Mahal was impressive in his debut.

    William Regal and Sheamus finished up their discussion. They seemed to be on the same page and even shook hands with each other.

    Christian took on Mark Henry in a decent match. Henry jumped Christian early and gained the advantage. After minutes of back and forth action, Christian hit the Killswitch for the win.

    A scheduled match between Ted DiBiase and Sin Cara turned into a handicap match when Chavo Guerrero came down to the ring and interjected himself in the match. Chavo eventually sold his partner DiBiase out as Sin Cara picked up the win. DiBiase, however, got the last laugh when he helped Sin Cara take out Chavo.

    In the main event, Cody Rhodes took on the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton in a PPV-quality match. After several big spots and back and forth action, Randy Orton hit two RKO's to go for the victory. But before the referee could finish the count, Sheamus interfered and destroyed Randy Orton.

    We closed the show with William Regal backstage saying "Well done...well done."

    Now, with the recap out of the way, lets kick off Friday Night Smackdown!

Opening Segment

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    We kick off the show with Randy Orton in Teddy Long's office. Randy says that he wants Sheamus one-on-one tonight to make up for his attack on him last week. Long sees no problem with this, except that Christian was supposed to take on Sheamus this week.

    Teddy Long decides to make the main event tonight a tag-team match. It will be Randy Orton and Christian going up against Sheamus and Cody Rhodes. Randy has no problem with this and leaves the office happy.

    Orton walks down the hallway only to bump into Christian. Christian tells Orton that he is going one-on-one tonight with Sheamus. Orton then tells him of the new main event that Long made. Christian seems disheartened but accepts the matchup. Orton leaves while Christian stands there, thinking to himself.

Match 1: Kane vs. Tyson Kidd (With Matt Striker)

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    Tyson Kidd makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Matt Striker, who is on his cell phone making "important calls."

    Kidd and Striker enter the ring. Striker begins to talk: "This kid is the best thing in the WWE right now. He is the best thing since Bret Hart, and he is even BETTER than Bret Hart."

    This gets nice heat and the two continue to smile until Kane's music hits (the music that I think he should use.) The big red machine makes his way down to the ring. Kane clears the ring and sets off his trademark pyrotechnics as the match is ready to begin.

    Kidd comes running at Kane, only to be closelined by the big man. Kane sends him off the ropes and connects with a big boot, knocking Kidd to the outside. Striker runs over to him and helps him back to his feet.

    The referee makes Kane back away so Kidd can get back in the ring. As soon as Kidd gets back in, Kane goes for another big boot but Kidd dodges it and makes Kane get stuck on the top rope.

    Seeing his opportunity, Kidd takes the offensive. He hits a few slaps and kicks. Then he goes to the top rope and hits a big missle dropkick on Kane, knocking him down. He goes for the pin and receives a two count. He gets up and asks Striker what he should do next. Striker looks at him and asks him why he needs help fighting.

    "I'm just a manager, kid. You take care of the dirty work."

    Kidd turns around and runs towards Kane, only to be picked up and hit with the Sidewalk Slam. Kane then goes to the top rope and hits a Flying Closeline. Kane lines up for and hits a Chokeslam. Tyson Kidd is out cold, and Kane gets the pin.

    Striker walks up to him and is disgusted. He tells Kidd that he is finished with him.

    "You are not better than Bret Hart! Hell, you are not even better than Jimmy Hart! I am through with you!"

    Striker leaves Kidd in the ring with nothing to do as he simply sits there, looking stunned, as we head to commercial.

Match 2: Tamina vs. Natalya

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    Tamina makes her entrance to decent heat and she awaits her opponent. Tonight she will be taking on Natalya. She makes her way to the ring and the match begins.

    Both women trade blows and show that they are of equal strength and skill. They each go for one of their power moves, but each one has a counter for it. Eventually, Tamina gains the upper hand and sets up for a shoulder breaker. Tamina hits it and pins Natalya, receiving a close two-count. Tamina gets back to her feet and is setting up for her finishing move, when new divas A.J. and Kaitlyn run down and distract Tamina.

    This buys Natalya the time she needs and she spins Tamina around and hits a drop kick. She then locks in the Sharpshooter and gets Tamina to tap out. Natalya wins ans goes to the back with A.J. and Kaitlyn celebrating.

    We also head backstage.

Backstage Segment

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    We are backstage where Cody Rhodes and Sheamus are discussing tonight's main event. They talk until William Regal enters and wants to have a personal word with Sheamus. Sheamus makes Cody leave and Regal talks to him.

    Regal tells Sheamus not to trust Rhodes too much.

    "Make sure you do most of the damage in the ring tonight. This is your chance to shine and show these miserable fans what you are about!"

    Sheamus obviously agrees with Regal as they once again shake hands and Regal leaves. Rhodes walks back in and asks Sheamus what they were talking about. Sheamus tells him: "Don't worry about it...fella," and he walks out of the room.

Match 3: Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan

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    Daniel Bryan is first out and the crowd gets behind him. Mark Henry comes down to good heat and the match is set to begin.

    Mark Henry takes the early advantage and does his typical power move-set on Bryan. Bryan gets knocked to the outside and Henry stands dominate in the ring as we go to commercial.

    Back from commercial, Bryan has Henry down on one leg and eventually knocks him down completely. He goes for the pin but only receives a one-count before Henry throws him off. Henry gets back up, but Bryan hits a dropkick and a DDT to take Henry down again. Henry rolls out of the ring in disgust, and says that he has had enough with Bryan.

    Henry grabs a steel chair and makes for the ring. Sin Cara's music hits and he comes to the aid of Bryan. Together the two take out Henry before he can do any damage. Chavo Guerrero then comes in and knocks out Bryan, leaving him and Sin Cara in the ring.

    The two trade a few blows but eventually Sin Cara gets rid of Chavo and again, Sin Cara is standing tall while Chavo is not standing at all.


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    William Regal is on the phone and he seems to be happy about something. We can not hear much of the conversation but this is what we can pick up:

    "So you will take advantage of this opportunity then?"

    "Ah, I expected nothing less from a lady with your tastes and standards."

    "I will see you when you are ready."

    He hangs up the phone and notices Wade Barrett walking down the hallway, heading to the ring for his match. Regal tells him that he had better be weary of Ezekiel Jackson tonight, for if Jackson wins he gets a title match at Capitol Punishment.

    Barrett tells Regal that he knows the stipulation of the match and that he is not worried. Barrett storms off with Corre members behind him as Regal smirks and laughs.

Match 4: Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson

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    Wade Barrett is out first to good heat and he and his fellow Corre members head to the ring.

    Ezekiel Jackson then heads to the ring, and it is announced that if Ezekiel Jackson wins the match he will get an Intercontinental Championship match at Capitol Punishment.

    The match begins with the referee throwing out Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater from ringside. He will have no part of their cheating ways tonight. Barrett is furious and tries to get the referee to change his mind but Jackson picks him up and hits him with a belly to back suplex that shuts his mouth.

    Barrett gets up and hits Jackson with a few punches and an uppercut before taking the big man down with a closeline. Barrett receives a two-count.

    Barrett gets up and connects with a big right hand. This only stuns Jackson as he hits a big shoulder block followed by a closeline. The two superstars are showing how similar their move-sets are with back and forth power action.

    Jackson locks in a bear hug on Barrett, but Barrett fights out of it. Barrett then counters Jackson's shoulder block into a spinout powerbomb. He goes for the cover and receives a close two-count.

    Barrett is looking confident as he sets up for the Wasteland. Barrett has Jackson in the Wasteland but Jackson slips out and connects with a suplex. Jackson gets a two count.

    Jackson gets up and and is ready to lock in the Torture Rack. Barrett gets to his feet and walks right into it. Jackson has it locked in and Barrett is ready to submit but he manges to somehow grab the ropes with one of his hands.

    Jackson breaks the hold and Barrett goes to the outside. Jackson follows and walks right into a chair shot from Barrett. The referee calls for the bell, but Barrett continues his assault. He hits a Wasteland on Jackson and grabs a mic. He simply says "See you at Capitol Punishment!" and walks off.

    We head to commercial with our main event up next.

Main Event: Sheamus and Cody Rhodes vs. Christian and Randy Orton

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    Cody Rhodes is out first to great heat.

    Sheamus follows with equally good heat.

    Next is Christian and eventually Randy Orton.

    Christian and Sheamus start off the bout. The two trade blows and Sheamus takes control. Sheamus hits a closeline and tags in Rhodes who goes right to work. He hits a DDT and a bulldog on Christian before throwing him into his corner. He tags in Sheamus and he goes back to work on Christian.

    Randy is getting anxious on the ring apron as Sheamus continues the attack on him and tags in Rhodes again. Rhodes walks over to Christina but he hits a big DDT and knocks Rhodes down. Christian gets back to his feet and is ready to attack Rhodes when Orton tags himself in.

    Christian looks on in shock and a little bit of anger as Orton destroys Rhodes. Orton hits all of his usuall moves before he drags Rhodes over to Sheamus and makes him tag in the "The Celtic Warrior." Sheamus comes in and goes for a closeline but walks right into a powerslam.

    All Orton needs to do now is hit an RKO and it will be over. He is setting up for one but Christian tags himself in seemingly without Orton's knowledge. Orton hits the RKO and goes for the pin but the referee doesn't count because Orton is not the legal man.

    Orton gets up and stares at Christian who only stares back. Christian moves Orton out of the way and goes for the pin but gets only a two-count. Christian gets up and is setting up for a Killswitch but Randy tags himself back in.

    Again the two superstars stare down. Sheamus manages to tag in Rhodes, who comes flying in and takes down Orton. Rhodes locks in a Camel Clutch but Orton fights out of it. He goes for a dropkick but Rhodes slaps him away. Rhodes then hits a DDT on Orton and goes to tag in Sheamus.

    Sheamus comes back in, waiting to hit the Brogue Kick. Orton crawls over to Christian to make the tag but Christian doesn't want to tag in. He steps down from the apron. Orton gets up shouting at him and turns around into the Brogue Kick. Sheamus goes for the pin but Christian breaks it up.

    Sheamus is ready to take out Christian but "Captain Charisma" picks Orton up and hits the Killswitch. Sheamus pins Orton for the victory.

    Christian complains that Orton has always taken the spotlight away from him. He says Orton took his moment and his time to shine. Christian says that at Capitol Punishment there will be a new World Heavyweight Champion.


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    Well, that concludes my Friday show.

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