John Cena and Tommy Pickles Collide as Nickelodeon and the WWE Univeres Merge

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIAugust 7, 2011

John Cena and Tommy Pickles Collide as Nickelodeon and the WWE Univeres Merge

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    I had recently flipping through my channels and tried to find something that is close to entertaining. I stumbled on a Nickelodeon sub-channel that has all my favorite 90's and early 00's shows. I laughed as Zim failed to once again conquer planet earth, and I shed tears watching the Mothers Day Rugrats episode special as Chuckie Finster learns of his mother, who died prior to his birth.

    I also watched Doug, Catdog, AHHHH Real Monsters, As told by Ginger and many more shows that I deeply cherished as I grew up with my television being my source of entertainment. When wrestling is not on, I'll simply watch my daily dose of  Nicktoons.

    After a marathon of classic Nickelodeon shows, an idea erupted from my mind, and the universes of Nickelodeon and the WWE collided with such force that I nearly fainted. Comparisons with WWE Superstars and Nickelodeon started swirling around in my head. The itch to write overcame me, which produced the very slideshow that you are reading!

    These are such a few of the comparisons that oozed from my mind to my fingers and connected to my keyboard. So, without further ado, proceed to see the epic comparisons of Nicktoons and superstars! 

Tommy Pickles and John Cena

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    You got Tommy Pickles, who was the face of Nickelodeon, and we have John Cena, who is the current face of the WWE. They are both strong leaders in term of personalities, and both live by a moral philosophy. They stand by what matter most, as Tommy is there for his fellow rugrats and Cena is there for his fans.

    Cena is all about the hustle, loyalty and respect. He's a man that lives up to his words and promises and candidly admits failure when it comes knocking on his door. His drive and determination for the WWE championship is competitive, but his moral compass has cost him the championship, such as the case at the recent Money in the Bank PPV.

    Tommy Pickles lives by the motto, "A Baby's Gotta Do What A Baby's Gotta Do". An adventurous baby who in wrestling terms is face who at times can be an anti-hero by running around without his diapers on. He's gives love and support for his friend and stands up to the bullies when needed to. When things are at their worst, Tommy never gives up.

Ickis and Kane

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    Ickis and Kane are both are known as monsters with physical characterizations they both strongly dislike about themselves.  Poor Ickis is ashamed of his ears, as it makes him look like a fluffy bunny, and I, for one, know that not many people have Leporiphobia. While in Kane's case, he believes his face is scarred and burned when in reality, it's perfectly burn-free. It is within his damaged psyche where he delusionally believes he does have burns from a fire that caused the death of his parents. 

    Coincidentally, they both lived within the shadows of  their relatives. Ickis is a second generation monster, as his father, Slickis, is considered a legend in the monster world and much to the annoyance of Ickis, his father is also was the favorite of his academy headmaster. Living in his father's shadow is enough to fuel his desire to be one of the best monsters ever. 

    Kane, as many hardcore wrestling fanatics know, is the half-brother of the The Undertaker. In the days when Kane had worn his iconic mask, he was a beast to be reckoned with, but sadly, always seemed to come up short. He was always on the losing end of his matches with his brother and was the first of three wrestlers to lose twice to him at Wrestlemania.

    Kane temperately edged himself out of Undertaker's shadow by winning the Smackdown Money in the Bank then cashing in to have a successful run with the world championship. He re-entered his feud with his brother and then defeated him at three PPVs. Sadly, in the eyes of the fans, The Undertaker will always be better than Kane thus cementing Kane permanently into the shadow of his Iconic brother.

    Also, they both seem to love the color red and have a comic side to themselves!

Dib and R-Truth

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    R-Truth has some nuts and screws missing from the ol noggin. Seeing invisible people called, "Little Jimmies" and talking conspiracies against him from succeeding. Dib just looks and sounds crazy, but the ironic fact is that he really does see an alien named Zim. No one believes either because they think aliens are nonexistent or that Dib cried wolf way too many times.

    They are both social outcasts, as Dib would be relentless in trying to convince others that Zim is an alien, and his peers despise him to the point of not wanting his help in saving their lives, as they don't want him touching them. R-Truth makes excuses for his inabilities to win matches or achieves his goals. He even stated his fear of spiders was what caused him to lose the Money in the Bank, and of course, he blames the WWE.

    Least Dib is just weird and creepy, but he has redeeming qualities such as caring about humanity. R-Truth, on the other hand, will just twist the facts to suit himself and will converse to himself in the next conspiracy against him.

Angelica Pickles and Vickie Guerrero

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    Pickles and Guerrero are chicks that are venomously hated by nearly every breathing organism on this planet that we all reside in. Angelica is a spoiled, vain, sarcastic and selfish brat. At least Pickles has being a toddler as a reason why she has bad qualities, as Guerrero is an adult and she has the same qualities.

    The main difference between the two is where they put their mean-spirited attitude towards. Pickles loves to be in control and tried her hardest to control the babies to her whims and needs. She even goes as far to tell the babies lies just to see the hilarious results, but nearly every time, Pickles over does it and gets punished by one of the adults.

    Guerrero loves power and being associated with a winner, as Edge and Dolph Ziggler are clear evidence of that. She rudely interrupts the crowd with her shrilled screams of, "Excuse me!"  If she does not gets her way she'll resort to butt kissing, cheating and having whomever she is dating muscle his way to get what she wants.

    Luckily, Pickles does have some redeeming qualities, as deep down, she cares about the babies she harasses. She even at times stated, ""Nobody picks on my dumb babies 'cept me!". Guerrero has not since shown she cares for the men she associates with when it's more of a relationship with both sides uses each other for benefits. 

Winslow and Triple H

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    Okay, I'll state the most obvious physical similarity that Winslow and Triple H both have in common. They both have a humongous nose. I mean, just look at their noses, as they're naturally large. I'm suprised they don't poke someone's eyes out with their noses!

    Winslow is always someone who can edge in a wisecrack or two against any and turns the tables in a verbal conversation. The DX version  of Triple had wisecrack like this, "Ladies, if you wanna see the stars, call Triple H; because I got the rocket if you want the ride!"

    Winslow has been routinely rotten to Cat, while he occasionally is roughly rude to Dog when the times calls for it.  Within the little blue mouse is jealously over Catdog's close relationship. In the hearts of hearts, his love for Catdog is bigger then his large nose.

    Triple H, as we all know, is very close friends to Shawn Micheals to the point where it's a bromance! There was a time where Triple H's jealousy of good ol' HBK got the best of him and he viciously attacked his dear friend. Bad blood ensued for years, as both men would rather watch Two Girls and one Cup than be in the same room together. It was due to a common enemy within Vince McMahon that the duo forgave one another and became best friends again!  

El Tigre and Rey Mysterio

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    El Tigre and Rey Mysterio are obviously both luchadores and follow the traditions of wearing a mask that's full of meaning! The both have a heritage of previous members of their family taking their respective businesses. El Tigre is a superhero/villain, and Mysterio is a pro-wrestler.

    El Tigre has a unique dilemma, as he has to decide whether to be evil or take the path. His father is the legendary White Pantera, and understandably, he wants to do his father proud. He also has the impulse to be a bit bad, as his grandfather is the villain Puma Loco. He must decide which side of the moral compass to live his life, as if he doesn't, he'll develop a split personality.

    Mysterio has always been a face for the majority of his career, with only an unsuccessful stint as a heel in WCW! He gives the cover of his mask to a child fan and connects his head to every head of a child Mysterio  fan. He truly values the love and admiration of his fan so much that he'll disregard a heel turn.

    Regardless, the thought of a heel turn has slipped into his mind, as it'll be a shocking angle as no one would expect it. Maybe the desire to turn heel be so powerful that he'll pull the trigger and become a dark force to be reckon with within the ring!

Till Next Time....

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    My knowledge of Nicktoons and wrestling can create numerous possibilities in comparisons.  Now, I want to hear of your comparisons, as I know by now I got you thinking of other comparisons. Who could be the WWE version of Danny Phantom, or who's as bubbly as Spongebob?

    So I'll bid you farewell and remember to take care and live life as you dare!