MMA Video: MMA Fighter vs. Street Fighter Behind Closed Doors

JP SmithCorrespondent IIJune 8, 2011

In this YouTube video, we see a fighter who some believe to be TUF 12 contestant Nam Phan as he demonstrates why a typical street fighter should never step into the cage against an experienced mixed martial artist.

While we have no confirmation at this time as to who the mysterious knockout artist actually is, he apparently knows what he’s doing as demonstrated by this vicious right hand, followed up with some serious ground and pound.

Regardless of who this fighter is, he handles himself like a professional against an obviously less-experienced, but much larger opponent.

While weight classes are a necessity in professional competition fighting, behind closed doors anything goes. This fight is a bit reminiscent of the early UFC fights when weight classes were nonexistent.

Remember kids, if you’re going to step up against a well-trained MMA fighter, keep your hands up and pray that you can somehow survive the onslaught that potentially awaits you.


UPDATE: We now have confirmation that the fighter in this video is indeed Nam Phan.

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