Colorado: Good, Bad and Sleezy

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Colorado: Good, Bad and Sleezy
Holy hell…I go away on vacation for a few weeks and all this happened!!! This is what happens when there is no Sleeze in your life; things get all uptight and people lose their cool. Somehow we are ranked 15th? We looked like complete shit against Texas, so I’ll take it. We sucked harder than a crack ho trying to pay the rent. Never fear though, the Sleeze is back and ready to take on a Good, Bad and Sleezy.

Good: We are not playing a team from Oklahoma or Texas. Back to playing the north where we pound teams harder then Big Head pounds down Baconators. We are also back in Columbia. Sure, we aren't perfect this year but we did look like monkey’s fucking a football against Okie State and still almost won. We need to get back on the winning side of football games and Colorado is just the team to help us out.

Bad: Colorado just came off a close win with K-State and has momentum. They also saw how Okie State and Texas beat us and will probably use that same scheme. Pinkel better figure something out in a hurry because a loss to Colorado in CoMo could cost us the North.

Sleezy: Since we need some motivation to destroy CU here are a few girls that the Mizzourah staff, except some gay Husker fans, would destroy anytime. Here are a few girls from CU…enjoy.

Jessica Lorin

Sophia Garcia

Nikki England and Stephanie Marie

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