NBA Draft: The 10 Worst NBA Draft Busts of All Time

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Who will your team pick? Will it be a cornerstone to build greatness around or will your franchise fall into a pit that will set it back years?

The draft is an intriguing thing. You would think that the best player is obvious and always taken first. This is not always the case, as evaluating talent is easier said than done.

Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time, but he wasn’t the top pick or even the second overall selection.  Sam Bowie will forever be linked to Jordan, mostly because he was the bust that was selected by Portland over Air Dynasty.  The Trail Blazers will probably never escape that.

The NBA draft may be as much about getting the next stud or even the next solid 10-year contributor as much as it is about avoiding the implosion of a bad pick.  The Clippers may be in the lottery every year, but they aren’t the only ones who’ve missed on players over the years.

Watch the following rankings and tell us who’s too high, too low or missing altogether.  

Fennis Dembo, anyone?

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NBA Draft

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