Stanley Cup Finals 2011: Canucks Still Win with Horton Injury, Rome Suspension

Eric HeContributor IIJune 7, 2011

In the first period of last night's Stanley Cup Final game between the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins, Aaron Rome delivered a rather unnecessary and dangerous hit to Nathan Horton on open ice. Horton had to be hospitalized, and Rome promptly was awarded a four-game suspension. However, this will not faze the Canucks in their trek towards the Stanley Cup. It will only help them.

Neither Rome nor Horton will be back this series, with Rome suspended and Horton out for the series with a "severe concussion." Horton, by far, is the superior player. He notched 26 goals and 37 assists in the regular season, while Rome had just 5 points. Horton is an important part of the Bruins team, an up-and-coming star in the NHL. Losing Rome won't be a big deal for the Canucks, but losing Horton is a gargantuan setback for the Bruins.

This incident will also add some more drama and tension in the series, and the veteran Canucks are more than ready for this challenge. The Canucks will only be more fired up than before, and this is only bad news for the Bruins, who are a fairly young team and are not used to facing adversity this big. Think about the Sedin twins (Daniel and Henrik), Alex Burrows, Ryan Kesler and the rest of the Canucks' stars being extra psyched for Game 4.