MMA Video: The Bruce Lee Story: As Told by You–Episode 3

JP SmithCorrespondent IIJune 7, 2011

Canadian Mixed Martial Arts toy company, Round 5, has released the third episode in a 14-part mini-series titled, The Bruce Lee Story: As Told by You.

In today’s episode, the camera follows former WEC lightweight champion and current UFC lightweight contender, Ben “Smooth” Henderson, and former WEC bantamweight champion and current UFC bantamweight fighter, Eddie Wineland, behind the scenes of a UFC event as they talk about what Lee means to them, the sport of MMA and martial arts as a whole.

There is no doubt that Lee has touched the lives of millions across the globe in many ways, not just fighting.

“The first words that come to mind when I think of Bruce Lee [are] beautiful technician.

“Not just the martial arts aspect, but the way he lived his life in general, everything he did and the way he lived his life–awesome,” said Henderson.

To Eddie Wineland, Lee is a legend and he’s not alone with his thoughts.

“Bruce Lee, they guy’s a legend. I think he put martial arts on the map. Before, it was just Karate and all of that other stuff. But, him coming up with Jeet Kune Do and having his own style; the guy was just amazing.

“I mean, lighting fast–the guy is just a legend.”

Round 5 would appreciate the reader’s participation by telling us what Bruce Lee means to you and how he has affected your lives.

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