USC Football: Ohio State Compliance Fallacy Compared to Trojans' NCAA Case

Bill NCorrespondent IJune 7, 2011

USC fans interested in the fallacy of the reputed Ohio State (OSU) compliance department and how it compares to the some of the compliance-related findings in the NCAA's USC case may be interested in the story posted on the Ohio State site: Ohio State Compliance Fallacy and NCAA Enforcement Role.

John Ireland, of the Mason and Ireland ESPN radio show, recommended it on the June 6 show.  This is a great show, and it is an honor to receive a shout out from them.

This story discusses false statements by OSU president Gordon Gee and athletic director Gene Smith about their compliance department.

It includes statements from OSU compliance department director and former NCAA enforcement official Doug Archie, implicating his department in violations that were cited in the USC case by the NCAA.

The role of the NCAA enforcement in trusting the OSU compliance department for many years and ignoring violations that were more serious than reported is discussed.  A comparison of the OSU and USC compliance departments is made showing that the Buckeyes department was larger than the Trojans, but less effective. 

Ohio State has a history of more violations than any other school in the past 10 years, and the Buckeyes have been rubber stamped by the NCAA.

Compare that to the witch hunt that the NCAA conducted during the four-year investigation of USC, complete with mistakes, one-time precedents and the harshest sanctions since the SMU death penalty for violations far less severe than other football programs'.

It proves that both the OSU president and AD knew that the compliance department was doing a bad job monitoring cars, uniforms and equipment by athletes before the justice department informed the school that players were selling memorabilia.

The article concludes that, even though the NCAA is rushing to a hearing in August (instead of taking four years like the USC case) and the Ohio State football violations are more severe than the USC ones, it is unlikely that Ohio State will receive sanctions as harsh as USC.

Hope you enjoy the article and look forward to your comments.


P.S. Regarding the 2004 football national championship, there still is only one national champion, and that is USC, as the AP national champion since the BCS title is vacant.  USC AD Pat Haden stated yesterday that 2004 is still a Trojans national-championship season and there are 11 national championships.  The NCAA can’t take that away.