Who Has The Joker Card In Their Deck For Interlagos?

AnthonyCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2008

So this article is about the "Joker Card"


Who is going to play it at Interlagos? The unsettling thing is that there is more than one joker card at the final GP of what has been a joker of a season.


Ferrari have a joker in their deck called inconsistency. It plays out when Ferrari least expects it—such as Hungary.


McLaren has a joker in their deck called youth. It plays when situations dictate a slow and steady approach.


Renault has a joker in it's deck called opportunity. It plays when the two previous jokers are on the table.


BMW has a joker in it's deck. It plays when there is nothing left to lose.


Toyota has a joker in it's deck. It plays as lady luck.


Toro Rosso has a joker in it's deck. It plays when the rain comes out.


The other players at the table sadly, don't have any jokers to play but one of those players, Force India, are all in and they are playing a bluff.


Which jokers are going to play and which one won't; with such a sizable pot on the table? Unfortunately only the Joker knows.To some the joker will cause great pain and to others it will pay a great reward. 

One of the players is going to leave Brazil and the 2008 season feeling like that joker; that we know. And one player will leave feeling like they had a proverbial Ace in the hole.


So roll your sleeves up and hands on the table the house is playing five decks and the odds...the odds are in their favour.