TNA's Live Failure Proves It's Time To Lure Paul Heyman Back Into Pro Wrestling

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TNA's Live Failure Proves It's Time To Lure Paul Heyman Back Into Pro Wrestling

Wow, that TNA Live Impact was bad. Mick Foley as co-owner is the same as Commissioner Foley. How retro. Jeff Jarrett comes out and names a host of jobbers as the new hope and future for the company. If I had to watch Samoa Joe take the blade out and Hebner pick it up any closer, it would just be used as a total expose of the entire industry. Aren't qualified people in the production truck?

The TNA Live Impact was so bad, it reinforced every point Paul Heyman brought up in his blog for the UK SUN, which we covered here on THE BLEACHER REPORT earlier this week (

It's time for TNA to make the grand move and lure Heyman back into pro wrestling. His blogs show not only his distaste for the stale modern day approach, but he's been gone for almost two years, and that's a hell of a rest for a guy who is simply doing a broadband show for the Sun.

Mick Foley, in an interview with New York Newsday, admitted Vince Russo is a very good idea man, but no one in TNA has the vision to bring the promotion into the future. Maybe the guy who ran the most revolutionary promotion in the 1990s, who clashed with Vince McMahon when warning about the sub-prime product (sorry, it was too easy) is the one to turn to.

I don't know what else Heyman is doing, but saving TNA, and helping them take advantage of Vince McMahon's creative downturn seems like an awesome way to continue his huge legacy of creativity, which earned him a place already in the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame.


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