Fantasy Baseball: MLB Closer Power Rankings

Todd FarinoCorrespondent IJune 7, 2011

ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 01:  Craig Kimbrel #46 of the Atlanta Braves pitches in the ninth inning against the San Diego Padres at Turner Field on June 1, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
Fantasy Alarm Closer Power Rankings
Every two weeks throughout the baseball season, The Closer Report will provide the Closer Report Power Rankings. These power rankings are not based on a closer's legacy, name or team. It is based on a formula that considers the pitcher's historical stats, current stats, reliability, injury and more importantly, what the closer has been doing recently. Brought to you by &
Last Updated 6/5/2011
Rank   Closer - Stats (Saves-Wins-ERA-WHIP-K)
1 Craig Kimbrel, Braves (17-1-2.79-1.24-43) (Prev. Rank: 5)
Welcome to the laser show! Kimbrel has been amazing all year, but this period produced five saves and 9 Ks. He is tops in the running for Rookie of the Year and is killing for his fantasy owners.
2 J.J. Putz, Diamondbacks (17-0-1.73-0.85-25) (Prev. Rank: 7)
Putz continues to dazzle. He has an incredibly active period with five saves and a win in a blown save. He also added six Ks including striking out the side on Sunday. He is the hottest closer in MLB.
3 Mariano Rivera, Yankees (16-1-1.90-1.06-19) (Prev. Rank: 3)
Rivera had a solid two weeks. He was 3-for-3 in save opportunities, but did take a loss against Seattle after giving up three hits and a walk. Still, Rivera's numbers are some of the best in the league, even with three blown saves.
4 Leo Nunez, Marlins (19-0-3.41-1.17-30) (Prev. Rank: 1)
Nunez had a tough two weeks going 2-for-4 in save opportunities. He blew to big saves giving up four runs on six hits. Overall, Nunez has had a stellar year and this should just be chalked up as a bad week for the stud closer.
5 Brian Wilson, Giants (17-4-3.00-1.44-28) (Prev. Rank: 6)
Masterful two weeks for Wilson. He recorded four saves and dropped his ERA nearly 1.00. Overall, Wilson pitched six scoreless innings and struck out six in the process.
6 Heath Bell, Padres (16-2-1.80-0.96-21) (Prev. Rank: 14)
Bell had the best two-week period of any closer this year. He recorded seven saves in seven innings of work, giving up one run. He also punched out nine batters. He is back in the elite and the Padres are very hot.
7 John Axford, Brewers (16-1-3.29-1.54-36) (Prev. Rank: NR)
The Crowbar is back! Axford has simply been pitching out of this world lately and added four saves and a win this period. He has given up only one run in his last 11 appearances and he is near the top in Ks with 36.
8 Francisco Rodriguez, Mets (16-1-2.89-1.57-28) (Prev. Rank: 2)
K-Rod was shelled over the past two weeks. His ERA rose from 0.76 to 2.89 in a blink, as he gave up 7 runs over three appearances. He did manage one save, but a bad two-week period for the Mets' closers.
9 Jose Valverde, Detroit (15-2-3.00-1.22-27) (Prev. Rank: 10)
Valverde went 0-1 with four saves this period and continued his strong 2011 campaign. He has quietly stepped into the top of the lead in saves, even with a higher-than-normal ERA.
10 Huston Street, Rockies (15-1-3.67-1.15-24) (Prev. Rank: 4)
Street had his second consecutive tough two-week period. He only notched one save in only four appearances, and he got hammered for a pair of runs against Arizona last week. Street is still closing effectively, but his numbers continue to dip.
11 Brandon League, Mariners (16-0-4.68-1.12-17) (Prev. Rank: 22)
Great comeback week for the Mariners closer. League notched six saves and, go figure, he didn't blow any! He lowered his ERA almost two full runs and got his WHIP down to a great level at 1.12.

Ryan Madson, Phillies (12-2-1.80-1.08-28) (Prev. Rank: 13)
Madson finally got knocked around, but it didn't cost him a save. He was 3-for-3 this period and he is still 12-for-12 overall this season. Madson is having a great season and he didn't surrender the job to Contreras as expected.


13 Joel Hanrahan, Pirates (14-0-1.69-1.20-23) (Prev. Rank: 9)
Hanrahan slowed down a bit this period with only one save, but still had some solid outings. He notched seven strikeouts while keeping his ERA and WHIP in check.
14 Neftali Feliz, Rangers (13-0-1.25-1.29-11) (Prev. Rank: NR)
Feliz had a two week period he needed. He was 4/5 in save opportunities and restored himself as a top notch closer, recording three straight saves through Sunday. While Feliz has been bad this year, his WHIPERA is still great at 2.54.
15 Sergio Santos, White Sox (10-2-1.29-0.96-33) (Prev. Rank: 20)
Absolutely filthy period for Santos. He added four saves, 8 Ks, and lowered his ERA to an amazing 2.25. Santos will close the rest of the year for the White Sox and while he'll have ups and downs, you should try and acquire him.
16 Jordan Walden, Angels(13-0-3.08-1.33-28) (Prev. Rank: 19)
Walden had a much improved two weeks, going 5-for- in save opportunities and adding six Ks. He is still getting tagged now and then, but like a good Angels closer, he is getting the saves.
17 Chris Perez, Indians (14-2-2.49-1.34-12) (Prev. Rank: 11)
Perez added two saves in limited work over the past two weeks (4 innings). While he has been impressive in getting saves (14/15), his strikeouts are incredibly low for a closer. With the Indians fading a bit, now is the time to trade him.
18 Francisco Cordero, Reds (11-3-1.59-0.88-21) (Prev. Rank: 16)
Cordero had a fantastic two weeks for the Reds. He added three saves (one blown save), but an even more impressive 8 Ks. The ageless one continues to impress and there are no worries about his job security.

Fernando Salas, Cardinals (10-3-1.69-0.98-27) (Prev. Rank: 17)
Salas continues to roll as the Cardinals closer. He added three more saves and notched his third win of the year Sunday. While he has been getting hit more lately with six hits and two runs, he has been extremely dominating overall.


20 Kyle Farnsworth, Rays (11-2-1.35-0.75-12) (Prev. Rank: 15)
Farnsworth remains a draft steal with another 4 2/3 innings of great work. He added a pair of saves and while his strikeout totals are low, he is getting the job done for his fantasy owners.
21 Drew Storen, Nationals (11-4-2.76-1.02-25) (Prev. Rank: 8)
Storen had a tough couple of weeks by blowing his first save of the season and giving up 8 runs in 5 2/3 innings. He did record two saves, but this is a two week stretch that Storen owners want to forget.
22 Carlos Marmol, Cubs (10-1-3.33-1.30-35) (Prev. Rank: 12)
Marmol got hit hard over the past two weeks. He got killed for six runs against Houston and blew another save on Sunday. Marmol is a closer you want to dump. The Cubs just don't provide enough chances for saves and Marmol is too inconsistent.