England vs. Switzerland: Power Ranking the WAGs for the England Players

Mark Pare@NEPats17Correspondent IIJune 7, 2011

England vs. Switzerland: Power Ranking the WAGs for the England Players

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    Three lucky guys to have WAGs on this list.
    Three lucky guys to have WAGs on this list.Michael Regan/Getty Images

    Considering the amount of players that have gone through the English National Team in recent years, I decided to only rank the WAGs of the players that played in the most recent matchup against Switzerland, hence the title of the article being "England vs. Switzerland."  I made a couple of exceptions but I don't believe it will take anything away from the slideshow.

    Anyway, enough of listening to me talk about it. Here are the girls that, to take a phrase, "be about it"; 12 WAGs of English stars that if you see them on the street, will force you to do a double take, even if your own WAG is right beside you (and will subsequently hit you for doing the aforementioned double take...my brain hurts).


12. Amy Bruce

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    Photo courtesy ghanadiscuss.com
    Photo courtesy ghanadiscuss.com

    Unfortunately, there was no photo better than this one available and legal to use.  Here, you can see Aston Villa's new acquisition Darren Bent running with Sunderland manager Steve Bruce's daughter Amy.

    The two have been dating since 2010.  Not a bad looking girl at all, she gets points for disobeying "daddy" and helping Bent get even after Steve sold him to Aston Villa.

11. Christine Bleakley

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    Photo courtesy realbollywood.com
    Photo courtesy realbollywood.com

    The girlfriend of Frank Lampard, Bleakley is gorgeous and hard-working.  She has had a wonderful career in television thus far, working for the BBC in the past and is now working for iTV1 as the host of Daybreak.  She only ranks No. 11 but she has some stiff competition.

10. Carly Parker

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    Photo courtesy kickette.com
    Photo courtesy kickette.com

    Carly, on the right, is seen here walking with her husband, Scott Parker.  She is sporting the all-black attire here and is doing a great job of it. 

    I really hate ranking these girls in level of hotness because all of them are so gorgeous and Carly is showing some class here but only gets No. 10.

9. Amy Fletcher

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    Photo courtesy image-data.com
    Photo courtesy image-data.com

    She is a gorgeous girl but she is very reserved.  The girlfriend of James Milner gets No. 9 on the list because being a WAG isn't all about being hot and sexy, you have to have a personality too and if we don't know much about it, we have to bring you down the list.


8. Rebecca Ellison

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    Photo courtesy blogspot.com
    Photo courtesy blogspot.com

    It seems that these two are settling in for life after football.  Three kids, financially stable, fancy clothes and looking classy as ever in this photo.  Ellison is the beau of Man U centre back Rio Ferdinand and ranks No. 8 on this list.

7. Kimberley Crew

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    Photo courtesy wireimage.com
    Photo courtesy wireimage.com

    Man City keeper Joe Hart's girlfriend is all about style.  Whether it is walking the red carpet or buying expensive clothes, Hart doesn't care, he tends to lug half the stuff home with her anyway.  All for the price of a WAG, right Hart?

    Just make sure you are good with your hands in the crease or you won't have a job or Crew.  Damn, she is looking good.  I know, this is horrible journalism and I am lonely but this next one marks the halfway point.

6. Lauren Neal

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    Photo courtesy footballgirls247.com
    Photo courtesy footballgirls247.com

    High class, tanned, flower in the hair.  Lauren Neal is beautiful in this photo.  She broke up with James Milner recently but is carrying his child, set to be born in August.

    She may not be classified as a WAG anymore, but for James Wilshere, that is the best you are going to get for now and you never know, babies bring people together so who knows what is in the future for these two.

5. Melanie Slade

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    Photo courtesy dailymail.co.uk
    Photo courtesy dailymail.co.uk

    There is just something about that "girl next door" look that speaks to me.  Melanie Slade doesn't seem like the money grabbing type and seems genuinely happy with her boyfriend, Arsenal's Theo Walcott.

    The best part is that it wasn't some fancy party that brought these two together.

    Slade worked at Claire's Accessories in the West Quay shopping centre, the same location in which Walcott and Slade started meeting up and developed a romance that sticks to this day.  Good pickup Theo, she's a keeper!

4. Toni Terry

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    Photo courtesy yousaytoo.com
    Photo courtesy yousaytoo.com

    The Terry clan has seen their share of controversy, but you can't complain with this picture of England captain John Terry's wife Toni.  How does a girl look that good after giving birth to twins?  Albeit, this picture was taken a while after the fact, but the fact is that she is looking mighty fine in this photo and ranks No. 4.

3. Alex Gerrard

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    Photo courtesy topnews.in
    Photo courtesy topnews.in

    A mother of two, Alex Gerrard (the wife of Steven Gerrard) not only looks great and keeps herself in great shape, but also has a flare for fashion.

    I rank her No. 3 based on the publicity on her for "boyfriend switch" with Jennifer Ellison as well as, just like No. 4, how does a mother of two get to look that good?

    Genetics, I guess, but without trying to sound like a pre-pubescent teen looking for my older brother's nude magazines, hot!

2. Coleen Rooney

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    GELSENKIRCHEN, GERMANY - JULY 01:  Wayne Rooney's girlfriend Coleen McLoughlin (R) waits for the action to start prior to the FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 Quarter-final match between England and Portugal played at the Stadium Gelsenkirchen on July 1, 2006
    Alex Livesey/Getty Images

    Coleen is the wife of one of my favourite players, Wayne Rooney.

    The fame may have changed her appearance but one thing remains the same, she looks amazing either way.  Her popularity rivals David Beckham's wife Victoria (who may I add isn't on the list, she's had her time in the spotlight), and considering she is only in her mid-20's, she has a lot more time to go before the world starts to forget about her.

    Of course, Wayne can change all that if he ends his career early and they live quietly (although, I highly doubt that will happen).

1. Kayla Collins

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    Photo courtesy caughtoffside.com
    Photo courtesy caughtoffside.com

    If you are a former Playboy Playmate, how can you not be No. 1 on this list.  Ashley Cole hit the jackpot, finding this girl so quickly after his divorce from singer Cheryl Tweedy in September 2010.

    Kayla was featured as Playboy Playmate of the Month in August 2008 and has also been a part of multiple reality shows.  Fame, fortune, a footballer boyfriend and a slamming body.  Everything you would expect from the No. 1 WAG in England.