Fantasy Baseball: Tuesday News and Notes

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Fantasy Baseball: Tuesday News and Notes
Tuesday Notes

While Derek Jeter is hitting .316 against Jon Lester, there are no other Yankees that have decent numbers against the lefty. Rodriguez is just at .208 in 29 at-bats, Teixeira is at .222 in 27 at-bats, and Cano is at .235 in 34 at-bats. Nothing good at all to see there. Jorge Posada and Nick Swisher simply add to the problems. Avoid your Yankees where you have better options.

Kevin Correia has been bad at home, posting a 5.47 ERA that is more than two runs higher than his season mark of 3.40. Add to that, there are no great concerns outside of the .234 of Stephen Drew in the Arizona lineup against him. Gerardo Parra is better than .400 in 22 at-bats while Justin Upton is at .351 in 37 at-bats. Overall, no other concerns and start them as normal here.

The Reds enjoyed what they saw from Doug Davis when he was with the Brewers, so no reason that should necessarily change in a Cubs uniform. Avoid Scott Rolen, who is hitting just .238 in 21 at-bats against Davis, but that is the only problem spot. Brandon Phillips is hitting .421 in 21 at-bats and Edgar Renteria is 8-for-18. Start them all here.

Edinson Volquez returns to the rotation tonight for the Reds against the Cubs. Kosuke Fukudome has drastically struggled against Volquez, going just 1-for-13. Only Aramis Ramirez has double-digit at-bats against him otherwise, hitting .308 in 13 at-bats.

How about this number: Asdrubal Cabrera is 10-for-18 against Francisco Liriano. Otherwise, avoid your Indians here. Shin-Soo Choo is 3-for-13 while Grady Sizemore is 3-for-22. Matt LaPorta is struggling against the lefty as well, posting only one hit in 10 at-bats.

Chase Headley has the only numbers worth mentioning against Ubaldo Jimenez. Headley is 6-for-18 against the Colorado pitcher. Jimenez has just one win in his last 10 starts, but he has been filthy on the road this season. While just 1-1 in four starts, batters are hitting .098 against him and he sports a 1.93 ERA in those outings.

Jake Westbrook has won his last three decisions and has posted a 2.45 ERA in his last four starts that covers 25.2 innings pitched. Westbrook is not a strikeout pitcher, but his groundball methods are certainly working for him of late. Only Carlos Lee has a track record against the St. Louis starter, and he is hitting .412 in 34 at-bats against him.

Chris Coghlan is only 2-for-15 against Tommy Hanson while Gaby Sanchez is at .286 in 14 at-bats. Mike Stanton is your best option, posting four hits in nine at-bats. Hanson has been solid on the road this season, posting a 1.14 WHIP and 3.41 ERA in 29 innings of work away from home.

Spot Starts: Westbrook, Humber, Stauffer

Wednesday Notes

The knuckleball has been more kind to the Yankees than not. Derek Jeter has faced Tim Wakefield 108 times and is hitting .287 against him. Alex Rodriguez has been up 85 times against him and hits .271 but adds seven home runs as well. Cano hits better than .300 and has four home runs in 46 at-bats while Granderson is better than .300 as well. Posada and Swisher should be on your bench.

With J.D. Drew struggling against A.J. Burnett, it is possible we see Mike Cameron in the outfield. Cameron is hitting .333 in 12 at-bats against Burnett. Ellsbury, Pedroia, and Crawford are all better than .300 against the New York starter. Troubles for Kevin Youkilis, who hits just .258, and Jed Lowrie, who is only 2-for-12 against him.

Brian McCann and Chipper Jones have raked against Ricky Nolasco. Jones has four home runs and a .452 average against him in 31 at-bats while McCann has six home runs and a .368 average against him in 38 at-bats. Nolasco gave up five earned over five innings and added two home runs against him for good measure during his last outing against the Braves.

While Blake Dewitt is a .316 hitter in 19 at-bats against Bronson Arroyo, the rest of the Cubs have had no luck against him. Starlin Castro is hitless in eight at-bats while Tyler Colvin is just 1-for-12. Aramis Ramirez has the most at-bats and some of the worst numbers, hitting just .188 in 48 at-bats. Like this as a start for Arroyo here.

Bud Norris did not give up an earned run in his start against the Cardinals at home despite getting knocked around in a loss against them on the road. Norris' home splits make this a good start for him as do his numbers against the Cardinals. He still has 79 strikeouts in 73 innings this season and will garner those numbers regardless. Only Yadier Molina at .333 and Ryan Theriot at 4-for-10 check in better than .250 against Norris. That includes Pujols and Berkman.

Spot Starts: Norris, Arroyo, Lowe

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