MLB 2008: Which Mets Team Will Show Up?

nick bowenCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2008

When you think about the New York Mets' 2006 season you think they have to get back in the World Series in 2007, or at least get a playoff berth.

Now when you think about the future there's doubt. I'll even say as a Mets fan I'm in doubt and not sure if they can make the playoffs.

In my mind I'm wondering just which Mets players will show up this season: the dream team of 2006 or the faulty 2007 Mets that didn't qualify for the playoffs.

While we all know the Mets are one of the leagues most talented team, we're still left in the dust thinking if Carlos Delgado can become an All-Star again. Will Carlos Beltran and David Wright hit all of those RBI they get in key situations? Will Jose Reyes keep playing at this amazing level of speed and power?

The biggest question of all is: Will the banged-up, old pitching staff hold up the rest of the season?

All of these questions will obviously be answered during a season full of doubt. For all of you Mets fans it looks encouraging, but it's also doubtful