Breaking It Down: Brief Monday Night Raw 10/20/08 Analysis

Justin RozzeroContributor IOctober 23, 2008

Here is some brief analysis of Raw from 10/20/08

After a couple of off weeks, this week’s show was a step back in the right direction but they aren’t completely there just yet. I like when they start off quick with a match like that as it gets the crowd pumped up and keeps them rolling as the show gets going.

The women’s match was a bit choppy but they all worked hard and Kelly has come a long way since being caned by Sandman two years ago. Jericho and Batista brought the goods in their promo and Jericho brings the hate like nobody else in the world right now. The crowd was into the whole promo which is always a good sign and I think they are going to deliver a good match Sunday.

Haas continues to entertain with his impressions and you wonder just how long they can milk it, but I am cool with it as it keeps him employed and on TV. JBL squashes are always good to as that is when he is at his best. Rey and Snitsky had a quick bout and it is good to see Rey on TV and picking up a solid win. He looked good out there as he preps for Kane.

The anchor tag match was solid stuff and all four men worked hard. The crowd seemed out of it to start, but they won them back over leading into the finish. Punk jobs again but based on his reaction it feels like they are building to a heel turn by him on Kofi and I think he needs it.

The Santino segment was pure gold. The crowd was pretty quiet for it, but it was one of Santino’s best pieces of business and that is saying something. Duggan played his role well to being the straight man to Santino’s comedic stylings. The shots at Elvis were probably the best part. The Priceless beatdown was quick and to the point and just a way to get them on TV this week. They looked strong, so that is cool with me.

The main event probably looked good on paper but the execution was a mess and the crowd just couldn’t get into it because of the way it was set up. That whole mess definitely affected the overall grade of the show.

The crowd was a bit weird tonight as they were up and down the whole way through. Just when you thought they were dead, they perked back up. Overall, they added to the show, though.

There was a lot of focus on Sunday’s show which is always good just six days out. Outside of the anchor tag match, there wasn’t much to speak of in the ring, but that is fine on a go home show. We will see if they can keep the momentum going off of the PPV as they roll towards the 800th episode and Survivor Series. Final Grade: C+

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