The Cleveland Gladiators: Season Two

Scott GlissonCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2008

I do not know about anyone else in Cleveland, but I am very excited for the new season of the Cleveland Gladiators. 

I had never been to or even watched an arena football game until this past summer when the Gladiators came to Cleveland.  I was so excited for such a high energy, fast paced sport to be coming to Cleveland and they did not disappoint.

I honestly think that this is the only team Cleveland has that has a legitimate shot at winning a championship in the next three years.  I say three because I do not want to wait any longer, ha-ha.

The Gladiators first season in Cleveland was nothing short of amazing.  After several full seasons of failure in Las Vegas the Gladiators packed their pads and moved to Cleveland where sports fans rule.

This season hopefully will be full of more that we saw last season with blow out wins, amazing touchdown catches and awesome special team plays.

Let’s hope that Bernie Kosar and the gang can bring Cleveland a championship that we so deserve!