WWE Raw 6-6-2011 Results

Zach McCombsCorrespondent IJune 7, 2011

WWE Raw 6-6-2011 Results

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    Hey bleachers like I said before I'm going to to WWE results for Raw and SmackDown each week.

    This broadcast was a very great one because the legendary "Stone Cold" Steve Austin announced the winner of Tough Enough. He also refereed the main event.

    This show also had a surprise appearance by the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

    So without further ado, let's get started for the results for this week's WWE Monday Night Raw's broadcast.

The Opening Segment

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    Wow, there has never been a segment that lasted this long in WWE history. This started on the last 25 minutes of Tough Enough and goes into the first twenty minutes of Monday Night Raw.

    This started off with the trainers of WWE Tough Enough bringing out all the season's contestants. Then they brought out Stone Cold and he talked to the two finalists: Andy Leavine and Luke Robinson. Right before a commercial break Vince McMahon made his way to the ring.

    Both he and Steve argue about who will announce the winner. Stone Cold says since it was his show that he was going to announce the winner and he does; The winner of Tough Enough is, Leavine.

    Vince McMahon welcomes him to the WWE by slapping him across the face, and Stone Cold gives him a good ol' stunner for his troubles.

    Vince and Austin were still in the ring when R-Truth came out wearing a Civil War Confederacy uniform. R-Truth said the Confederate government only did one smart thing and that was to secede from the United States. Truth announced he will no longer be on merchandise because he is seceding from everything involving the WWE except for his title match.

    All of a sudden the "Awesome One" The Miz came down to the ring and told R-Truth he is basically a fool and making a mockery of himself in front of the boss, and that won't get him anywhere. He also said that he should get another title match not R-Truth.

    Alex Riley soon interrupted The Miz and told him the only thing he's going to get is another straight week of beatdowns.

    Cena interrupted and said that everything is getting crazy and insults everybody in the ring.

    The Raw GM interrupted as usual but the message is not read because Vince said that he would decide the match tonight. He picked John Cena and Alex Riley vs The Miz and R-Truth in a tag match with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as the special guest referee.

    Before the segment ended Austin and Cena had some sort of confrontation.

Opening Match: Santino Marella vs Micheal McGuillicuty

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    This match was just ok nothing special it involved a victory by Santino with the Cobra.

    A plain old match that was just used to get fans into the event.

    One out of five

Match 2 Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly vs Bella Twins

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    This was an alright Divas match. It was good to see Beth. She and Kelly looked great the whole match, while the Bellas couldn't get their head in the game.

    Beth won with the Glam Slam to give her team the win.

    Pretty decent Divas match.

    Two and a half out of five

Backstage Segment: Jack Swagger Challenges Booker T to a Match

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    The promo started off with two Tough Enough trainers in the back: Trish Stratus and Booker T. Booker tried to show Trish how to do the spin-a-roonie, when Swagger came in and challenged Booker T to a match, which he accepted.

    Pretty basic segment that I enjoyed it set up something to look forward to later in the show.

    Three out of five

3rd Match CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio

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    Before the match started CM Punk predicted Mysterio wouldn't beat him tonight and that he would prevail.

    With that being said let me tell you this, he lost. But it was the match of the night; both looked great but Mysterio just got the better of Punk with a frog splash from the top rope.

    Both looked great, this isn't there best match but it was decent

    Three and a half out of five

Match 4: Zack Ryder vs Kofi Kingston

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    Oh my God! Ryder has a match on Raw?!

    Ok. Now that I got that out of the way, I have to say the match was great but really short. The commentary focused on Ryder's YouTube show and not the actual match. It gave Ryder heat and the WWE acknowledged him on YouTube.

    Three out of five stars for finally giving Ryder a match on Raw

Match 5 Jack Swagger vs Booker T

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    From start to finish Booker made Swagger look like a punk. It was a shame since we could have had a great match here.

    The bout ended with Swagger rolling out of the ring shouting at fans he didn't need this. He remained out of the ring until the count of 10, giving Booker T the win. As he tried to leave the ring Evan Bourne approached him and made sure that he got back in the ring. Once Swagger re-entered the ring Booker capitalized in the moment and hit Swagger with a scissor kick. Then Evan went to the top rope and hit Swagger with the "Air Bourne."

    The segment ended with both Booker T and Evan Bourne doing the Spin-A-Roonie together.

    Three out of five

John Cena and Alex Riley vs the Miz and R-Truth with Steve Austin as Referee

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    Riley looked great in this match. He fought well while Cena was usually on the apron observing the bout.

    Miz had a problem with Austin in the match, which caused Austin to hit a Stunner on Miz. The distraction allowed Cena to hit Miz with the Attitude Adjustment giving him and Riley the win, at least so we thought. The Raw GM beeped in and said that because Austin interfered in the match he had to reverse the decision and declared The Miz and R-Truth the winners.

    Austin was furious about this. Before he could say anything the GM also said Austin will be the special GM host next week.

    Austin laughed, got out of the ring and threw the laptop on the ground. He grabbed Micheal Cole and threw him into the ring.

    He also accepted the offer of being the host next week.

    Once he got Cole in the ring, Austin poured beer on him, then stunned him in the center of the ring. The crowd went nuts and Cena waited for Cole to get up before hitting him with his finisher as well.

    The show ended with these two celebrating in the ring drinking some of Austin's beer. 

    Finally Cole got hit with the Stunner!

    Four and a half out of five

    Show rating: Three and a half out of five

    Give me your thoughts on the show!