Jason Varitek: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Lana BallardContributor IOctober 23, 2008

Anyone that follows the Red Sox is well aware that the Captain, Jason Varitek, became a free agent when they lost Game Seven of the ALCS. There are hundreds of blogs out there whining about his offensive season; personally, I find difficult to read.

Let me plead my case.

Yes, Tek had the worse season ever. I cannot disagree with that. A .220 hitting average is bad, really bad. It was a disappointing offensive season for Tek to say the least. 

But for a player who spends hours with his nose in scouting reports, who squats a couple feet from home plate and catches a ball flying upwards of 97 MPH for a 130+ games, for tens of thousands fans...Are we really looking at the whole man when it comes to re-signing Tek?

Is a baseball player just his bat? I say no way; no more than it takes one player to win a game.

As I conclude, I have to say that Jason Varitek is an incredible asset to the Red Sox and to Red Sox Nation. If we fail to sign Tek, there will be a very large crack in the team's foundation, causing great instability in the Red Sox.

For all you bloggers that think Tek should go, be aware. Theo has a soft spot for the good old boys.