WWE 2011 My Thoughts on the Tough Enough Winner and How I Think He Can Be a Star

Zach McCombsCorrespondent IJune 6, 2011

Before I talk about the winner, I want to discuss some of the others that I believe can make it into the WWE.

Jeremiah: This guy impressed me. From the start I knew he had something about him, and from what I saw, he learned really well for being really green inside the ring. As it turns out, he can also cut a great promo. When they had charisma week, he definitely showed he had something, and I would look forward to possibly seeing him in the WWE once he gets some more experience under his belt.

Martin: This guy to me should have won the entire competition. If he didn't get injured, there is no doubt in my mind the final would be between him and Luke over Andy. No disrespect to the one called "Silent Rage," but he would have been eliminated if it came down to him, Martin and Luke. With that being said, I expect to see Martin come into the WWE. To me, he will be a star. He's one of those guys who doesn't have to win to get a contract with the WWE—like The Miz, for example. Stone Cold let Martin hang up his belt. He believed he was tough enough, and that's saying something. Expect big things from Martin in the future.

Ivy: This was my favorite female on the whole competition. If she didn't get hurt like Martin, she could have went way farther in this show. I know that she would have been the last diva. The fact that she has actual skills for a diva and is a very pretty woman would be enough for her to be a successful WWE diva. I hope to see her in the WWE one day.

Eric: This guy had potential, but I feel as if he didn't show it in this competition. Stone Cold and the trainers said it time and time again that he just didn't prepare himself properly. Austin also said that Eric has style and flash, but he needs to conduct himself better to the business. Would he have won? As I see it, no, but with time and preparation he could be a star.

Now I'm going to talk about the two finalist Andy and Luke.

Luke: This guy is the man, and he has shown it. He has charisma, he's cocky and a great wrestler. He seemed a little arrogant at times, but I like that in him. He reminds me of those cocky stars who made it big in the WWE—again the Miz comes to mind. He is definitely a future big-time superstar in my book. Luke came to WWE to be a superstar and live the life of a superstar, and I know he can do it.

Andy: Like Luke, Andy possesses a lot of skill to be a star in this business. However, unlike Luke, I don't feel as if Andy is comfortable on the mic. Other than that, he is great. For such a big guy he has shown me a lot as a wrestler. He did everything just as good as other guys on Tough Enough. He did well in all his skill challenges, usually being in them at the end. With that being said, I feel he'll be a great wrestler in the WWE one day, and I look forward to seeing him perform.

This was a great season of Tough Enough, and my personal favorite of the two won—the big man Andy! I was very happy myself, even though if Luke won, I would have been happy too. Both are great workers and I'm looking forward to them in the WWE.

As always tell me what you think, about the winner, if you would have wanted Luke to win or any other thing you would like to discuss.