Penn State's BCS Audition: Can the Lions "Buck" a 30-Year-Old Trend?

Brad GilliamContributor IOctober 23, 2008

The Big Ten title could be decided Saturday when the Nittany Lions of Penn State go into Columbus to challenge Ohio State. This will certainly be the toughest challenge of the season so far for Penn State. The Lions haven't won in the Horseshoe since 1978, but they hope to break that trend this weekend. 

The Lions defense has to be on their "A" game if they want to win. Terrelle Pryor is a great runner, but his passing game isn't polished. The defense needs to force him to throw bad passes. Also, it needs to contain Chris Wells. He has recovered from is injury and returned to tip-top shape. The offense, led by quarterback Daryll Clark, has to play smart. Clark has to let the game come to him and try to make plays that aren't there. 

This game has national title implications written all over it. Fortunately for the Nittany Lions, they have more to gain than lose. If they win, the rest of their schedule is easy enough to run the table and go to the national championship. If they lose, it will be only their first loss and they'll likely remain in the top 10. So a BCS berth will still be possible.

It's hard to predict a winner for this game because these teams are so good and nearly evenly matched. I think that the Nittany Lions will pull out a win and continue their quest for the title game.