Cowboy Chris You Are A True Fan And A-OK In My Book

TexasCowboyCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2008

In case you are wondering what I am talking about it is the latest Youtube video that has fans buzzing, it's one man's voice speaking up and out beyond the crowd and letting this bunch of jokers that we are tired of this crap, His name is Chris and last Sunday after the team lost horrible to the St Louis Rams. this fan took it upon him self and among the large crowd of Cowboys fans who gathered around the team bus. To let the team know that we as Cowboys fans are sick and tired of this crap.

his first lashing was at Bruce Read who coaches the special teams and let him know this is not Oregon, his second lashing was at Brian Stewart for the horrible play calling on defense his third lashing was at Uncle Wade, Whom he told that he did not need to get back on the bus and that his father would be disappointed in him, His fourth lashing was aimed at Dave Campo and told him to not be afraid to coach the secondary

His last tongue lashing came at the expense of first round bust Bobby Carpenter and with that his tirade ended, so I bet you were wondering what was the point of all that? Two words Wake UP! 

we love our Cowboys we support them to the fullest but you can only trample on us for only so long before the demand of change echo's through out the land, and that echo has now been heard and hopefully it has stuck through out the team and change will come from the top down

If not you can expect more lashings by this fan and many others till we get what we want