David Speaks His Mind About The Brett Favre Saga

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IOctober 23, 2008

Brett Favre has made another mistake and he is being crucified for it. I think its time I spoke my mind on this whole situation. I love Brett Favre, I love everything he has done for the game of football as well as the Packers. I love the Green Bay Packers, there are few feelings equal to that of a Green Bay win.

In this article I will "write a letter" to various people or groups involved in this saga telling them my true feelings and what I think about their reactions/actions to this whole saga.

First on the guillotine, Ted Thompson

Dear Ted Thompson,
You have been the most professional person involved in this whole drama. You never listened or answered to rumors and always spoke from a very unbiased standpoint. Having said that, you have been one of the most dishonest as well. Your press conferences were stoic and you treated your own fans as if they had no opinion. News flash: the fans OWN the Packers. You had your own idea of how you wanted to run the Packers and you have refused to listen to anyone else. You treated a franchise icon like a fourteen year old teenager and failed to adjust to changing situations.

Next up, Mike McCarthy

Dear Mike McCarthy,
Your "neutral" standpoint as a football coach has been well receiver by the general public. Fortunately, I am not fooled by such an act. Like any football coach, you want the best team possible. I know you wanted Brett Favre to play for you this season, who wouldn't? I commend you for your courage (or cowardice) to side with Ted Thompson on the trade decision. After all, your job is more important than Favre's right? To end your letter, I do not believe your comments on "the train has left the station." In the unforgiving world of the NFL, absolutes are used far too often. Favre missed four months, not four years.

Third on my list is: The fans. I will break them up into two categories: Packers fans, and the other fans. As their reactions have been different.

Dear Packers fans,
Have you lost your damn minds?! When did we go from acting like Packers fans to Eagles fans? We are split between Favre sympathizers and Rodgers' supporters. Each are equally insane. Favre sympathizers; FAVRE IS GONE. GET OVER IT. There is no use complaining about it or cursing at Aaron Rodgers for Favre leaving. Rodgers' supporters; YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYBODY. You all act as if Favre never existed and are supporting Rodgers blindly from very, very biased views. Fans have made signs such as: "Brett Who?"; "Who needs Brett Favre when you have Aaron Rodgers!" I am demanding that these fans stop being bitter towards Favre and take the time to remember everything he has done for us. Any fan that disowns Brett Favre, cannot call themselves fans from 1992-2007.

Dear Other fans,
You have been so patient. Like a crouching ninja you have waited. Finally, the day has come. The day when it is socially acceptable to berate Brett Favre. The second Favre hinted at a comeback, you all have jumped at this one of a kind opportunity. When Favre began publicly criticizing the Packers' management, the flood gates opened. Some of you have laughed and giggled at each news report. Some of you have cursed the name of news programs for covering the saga. All of you have shook your head at everyone involved. In my opinion you are the most loyal and unbiased of all involved. So keep using that first amendment! Keep making your friends that are Packers fans cry tears of frustration! Enjoy it while it lasts.

Next up, and my personal favorite, the media.

Dear Members of the Associated Press,
You have all gone completely crazy with the power of the press. I cringe and curse at every news report you have released. The media truly is the root of all evil. In one of the latest articles I noticed the term "tarnished legacy" was used often. First off, who are you to say Brett Favre's legacy is tarnished? He has been in football longer than some of you have had your job. How come you don't berate Tom Brady for skipping out on the pro bowl because he lost the Super Bowl? Or how come you didn't publicly destroy Bobby Petrino when he quit his job in Atlanta? Secondly, I couldn't fathom the 180 degree turn from love to hate. I hate you all. It is because of your "big story chasing" mentality that I have decided to not pursue journalism as a career, despite my love for it.

Lastly, the one you have all been waiting for....

Dear Brett Favre,
Stop playing victim. You are acting like you have done nothing wrong and it is all somebody else's fault. You retired, You publicly criticized your boss, You admitted to talking to the Detroit Lions about Packer game plans, You need to take responsibility. I understand your pain, I completely understand the bitterness you have towards the Packers, but this is unacceptable. Your are acting my age and have been very immature with Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson. Imagine my surprise when I found out Brett Favre acts like a high school brat.
Yet, throughout all of this drama, you have remained honest and true. You admitted to the true rumors. You expressed your feelings and your hardship. Just like you have your entire career. Some say you were fake and are now showing who you really are. I say they need to take a closer look. You are more honest now than you have ever been. Some say you are selfish. I say you are human. I guess those people have forgotten that we all are. I would rather be an honest man with a thousand critics. Than a coward with a thousand friends.


The facts are simple. Favre's legacy is not tarnished and this whole thing will be forgotten in a few years. Fans, get off your high horse and take a look at yourself. Compare your life to Brett's and shut up.

"May he who is without sin throw the first stone"
-Jesus Christ