Kenny Britt: Keep an Eye on the Tennessee Terror This Fantasy Season

Jeremy AlpertSenior Analyst IIJune 6, 2011

2010 Review:  Kenny Britt, No. 18

Though it wasn’t quite the breakout season many had hoped for out of the 22-year-old second-year receiver, Kenny Britt had no problem showing both the Titans brass and NFL fans plenty of what’s to come in the very near future.

When you consider Britt started the season out of shape, was consistently in Jeff Fisher’s doghouse and didn’t even start a game until the fifth week of the year, you have to be amazed at the numbers he put up in the 12 games (six starts) he was healthy for.

On 73 targets, Kenny accumulated 42 catches for 775 yards and nine touchdowns.  In addition, his 18.5 yards per catch was the seventh highest in the NFL, while his 11.0 fantasy points per game gave him the 11th highest average amongst wide receivers.

In fact, Britt really only played 11 games last season due the fact that he was pulled in the first quarter of their Week 8 game against the Chargers because of a severely injured hamstring.  In that case, you can say Britt actually averaged 12.0 fantasy points a game which would have landed him eight-slot for wide receivers in that category.

Not too shabby for a guy on a team that threw the ball just 474 times on the year (third least in the NFL) while completing just 273 of those attempts (second least in the NFL).

There’s no doubt Britt has the talent of the Gods, prompting former head coach, Jeff Fisher, to say he has the skills and tools to be the best wide receiver in the entire league, reported by Nashville Tennessean.  However, the star-receiver-in-the-making has also earned himself an unofficial nickname for his various on-the-field and off-the-field maladies—“Question Mark”.

So which Kenny Britt will show up in 2011?

Will we see the player Jeff Fisher sees; the superstar with unlimited potential who at one point put up 393 yards and seven TDs over a five-game stretch last season?

Or will the perpetually imploding, rebellious, off-season disappointment rule the roost and force the Titans to wait yet another year for their $10 million man-child to grow up?

After his most recent arrest in April for eluding a police officer (third-degree felony), lying to an officer hindering apprehension and obstructing governmental function (marijuana was also found in the car, but no drug charges were filed), it’s hard to be confident that the responsible, dynamic wide receiver inside of Britt will be the one sitting at the head of the class.

But stranger things have happened.

My guess is that after this last run-in with the law, Kenny is finally kicked into shape and ends up turning in the best season of his career.  Numbers approaching 70 catches, 1,100 yards and 10 TDs aren’t out of the realm of possibility, while a top-10 finish in fantasy scoring could be there for the taking.

Don’t fall asleep on Mr. Britt in your draft just because the Tennessee Terror is having a tough time letting go of his youth.  Draft him as a solid WR2 with the potential to put up WR1 numbers.

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Pros and Cons for 2011

(+) Britt is a total freak athlete in the mold of a Terrell Owens or Andre Johnson

(+) A former 1st-round draft pick, Britt came into his own in 2010 and is now clearly the best wide receiver on the Titans

(+) Despite Chris Johnson’s drop-off in 2010, teams still have to game plan against him which leaves Britt and the other Titan receivers a bit more open than usual

(+) At 6’3”, 215 pounds, Britt is a big-time red-zone target

(+) With the departure of one of the least accurate QBs in the league (Vince Young), Britt could see an increase in his percentage of balls caught to targets (84-of-148 in his career, 56.8%)

(+) If the Titans turn to QB Jake Locker, rookies tend to lean on the team’s best receiver, thus giving Britt more of a chance to put up numbers each game

(+) Kenny proved last year that when he is focused, he can not only put up big individual games, but sustain a hot streak for weeks at a time

(–) Tennessee still uses a run-based offense that limits the targets of their wide receivers

(–) Britt has major maturity issues as he once again had a run-in with the law during the off-season and could be subject to a suspension at the beginning of the 2011 season

(–) Despite his talent, Kenny has been branded as a lazy player and sometimes has trouble focusing for an entire game


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