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The 100 Sexiest Sports Movie Babes of All Time

Scott HowardContributor IJanuary 10, 2017

The 100 Sexiest Sports Movie Babes of All Time

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    One reason that we love sports movies so much is that we get to live vicariously through the characters on screen.

    Everybody pretends that he's Roy Hobbs hitting the lights or Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn striking out Clu Haywood to win the pennant.

    But there is an extra reward that often goes unspoken. After you win the game for your team there's something even better waiting for you: a hot sports babe.

    Just as every sports movie has a hero and a montage, it also has a hot chick (or two) that makes the victory that much sweeter.

    Here is the definitive list of the 100 hottest sports movie babes of all time. Wherever possible I've tried to get a picture of the actual movie character and, remember, we're talking about how hot the character is, not the actress in real life.

100. Katie Van Waldenberg (Blades of Glory)

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    Actress: Jenna Fischer

    Film: Blades of Glory

    Sport: Men's Figure Skating

    Ok I'm not going to lie, pretty much all I know about Blades of Glory is that Will Ferrell dresses up like Neil Diamond and goes ice skating with Napoleon Dynamite.

    But when I saw this picture of Pam from The Office in lingerie I had to include her. Can you blame me?

99. Kyra (Coach Carter)

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    Actress: Ashanti

    Film: Coach Carter

    Sport: Basketball

    Ashanti is not exactly known for her acting chops, but in her role as Kyra all she has to really do is stand around and look good.

    Mission accomplished.

98. Linda Salvo (Beer League)

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    Actress: Carla Buono

    Film: Beer League

    Sport: Softball

    I vaguely remember watching this movie in college at some point...possibly while drunk. I do remember that this girl was hot though.

97. Annie Cantrell (We Are Marshall)

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    Actress: Kate Mara

    Film: We Are Marshall

    Sport: College Football

    Sure she's covered up in a sweater, but the pigtails and the cheerleader outfit create something intriguing about Annie Cantrell.

96. Lisa "Boof" Marconi (Teen Wolf)

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    Actress: Susan Ursitti

    Film: Teen Wolf

    Sport: Basketball

    I've probably seen Teen Wolf (the original 1985 version, not that stupid Twilight rip-off on MTV) about 3,000 times and I didn't know that Boof's name was Lisa Marconi until I just saw it on IMDb.

    She's the girl next door who Scott finally realizes is his dream girl, a recurring theme in sports movies. 

95. Lisa (All the Right Moves)

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    Actress: Lea Thompson

    Film: All the Right Moves

    Sport: Football

    Any actress that gets naked in a sports flick automatically makes this list. Maybe this is what turned Tom Cruise to Scientology.

94. Annie Kinsella (Field of Dreams)

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    Actress: Amy Madigan

    Film: Field of Dreams

    Sport: Baseball

    If you went to your wife and told her you needed to build a baseball field in the backyard because a voice in your head told you to, what would she say?

    That's why Annie Kinsella is on this list.

93. Lena (The Longest Yard)

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    Actress: Courtney Cox

    Film: The Longest Yard (2005)

    Sport: Football

    Cox plays Lena, the trophy wife of NFL quarterback Paul "Wrecking" Crewe, and does a fantastic job in the five minutes she's actually on screen.

    It's not hard to see where producers got the idea for CougarTown, is it?

92. Janet Cantrell (Invincible)

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    Actress: Elizabeth Banks

    Film: Invincible

    Sport: Pro Football

    Banks plays Janet Cantrell, the girl-next-door sweetheart of real-life character Vince Papale. She's a down-to-Earth girl that any guy can see himself with.

91. Torrance Shipman (Bring It On)

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    Actress: Kirsten Dunst

    Film: Bring It On

    Sport: Cheerleading

    Dunst played Torrance Shipman, the head cheerleader who learned that all of the cheers she inherited were stolen from the East Compton Clovers.

    She also appears in a swimsuit at a car wash and topless in a dream. Her dream. Not ours. Well, ours too.

90. Kit Hinson (A League of Their Own)

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    Actress: Lori Petty

    Film: A League of Their Own

    Sport: Women's Pro Baseball

    She may not have the looks or prestige of her older sister, but Kit Hinson is definitely easy on the eyes. Just like in everything else in life, she's second to her sister on this list, but she's happy she made it at all.

89. Autumn Haley (The Program)

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    Actress: Halle Berry

    Film: The Program

    Sport: College Football

    Sure, I was tempted to go with a hotter, more recent picture of Halle Berry, but I wanted to capture her in all of her '90s goodness.

    Halle plays Autumn, who tutors members of the football program at ESU...ok you go.

88. Jenny Heywood (Little Big League)

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    Actress: Ashley Crow

    Film: Little Big League

    Sport: Baseball

    I'm sure that Billy Heywood got enough friends when he became manager of the Minnesota Twins. It doesn't hurt that his mom is hot either.

87. Carole Dawson (We Are Marshall)

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    Actress: January Jones

    Film: We Are Marshall

    Sport: College Football

    We got a preview of what Betty Draper will look like in the '70s in We Are Marshall, and we like what we see.

86. Eden (Blue Crush)

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    Actress: Michelle Rodriguez

    Film: Blue Crush

    Sport: Surfing

    Rodriguez plays Eden, one of the surf girls in the film. There's something about a bad girl on a surfboard that drives me crazy. I don't think I'm the only one.

85. Millie (Bull Durham)

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    Actress: Jenny Robertson

    Film: Bull Durham

    Sport: Baseball

    Millie is should I put this...groupie. She's a fan of anyone on her local minor league baseball team, that is until she finds God and marries Jimmy.

84. Avery Bishop (Jerry Maguire)

18 of 101

    Actress: Kelly Preston

    Film: Jerry Maguire

    Sport: Football

    Avery is definitely the type of woman to take control...if you know what I mean...

    She's clearly much hotter than the girl that Jerry actually ends up with, and she has the most memorable scene in the film.

83. Maria (Friday Night Lights)

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    Actress: Amber Heard

    Film: Friday Night Lights

    Sport: High School Football

    It's ok to put high school girls on this list because we all know the actresses weren't really in high school during the filming.

82. Angela Drake (Brewster's Millions)

20 of 101

    Actress: Lonette McKee

    Film: Brewster's Millions

    Sport: Baseball

    Richard Pryor plays a minor league baseball player who has to spend $30-million in 30 days in order to inherit $300 million. He's helped along by the hotness of Angela Drake.

81. Haley Graham (Stick It)

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    Actress: Missy Peregrym

    Film: Stick It

    Sport: Gymnastics

    I know most of you probably haven't seen this movie, but it's actually pretty good. If you ignore all the girly stuff, it's basically about how ridiculous gymnastics scoring is and how a team tries to "stick it" to the judges.

    Also, hot girls in leotards never hurts.

80. Rachel Phelps (Major League)

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    Actress: Margaret Whitton

    Film: Major League

    Sport: Baseball

    The ex-showgirl turned owner does her best to get the team to lose, but her body ends up motivating them to win. Go figure.

79. Camille Shafer (The Program)

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    Actress: Kristy Swanson

    Film: The Program

    Sport: College Football

    I wish I could find a better picture, because Camille is totally hot. She's also a "full ticket jock" on a tennis scholarship, and she's not afraid to whoop you on the court.

78. Lynn Wells (Major League)

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    Actress: Rene Russo

    Film: Major League

    Sport: Baseball

    Lynn Wells is the ex-fling of Indians catcher Jake Taylor who gets back together with him when he returns to town.

    She's also a swimmer, an alternate on the '84 Olympic team, so you know she has a bangin' body.

77. Monica Wright (Love & Basketball)

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    Actress: Sanaa Lathan

    Film: Love & Basketball

    Sport: Basketball

    She's not afraid to play you one on long as it's for your heart.

76. Leigh Anne Tuohy (The Blind Side)

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    Actress: Sandra Bullock

    Film: The Blind Side

    Sport: Football

    Leigh Anne is a sassy, tough talking cougar who is not afraid to prance around in hot outfits, even if she's going into a rough part of town.

75. Anna Montgomery (The Big Green)

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    Actress: Olivia D'Abo

    Film: The Big Green

    Sport: Soccer

    I could never understand why Olivia D'Abo didn't get more roles. She's one of my all-time favorites, so I had to include her. Even though the movie she's on the list for was only in theaters for about five minutes.

74. Miss Toot (The Longest Yard)

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    Actress: Bernadette Peters

    Film: The Longest Yard (1974)

    Sport: Football

    I can hear you laughing, but secretaries are always hot. Personally, I've always been curious to know what it's like to be with a girl with a beehive.

    Maybe it's just me.

73. Annie Savoy (Bull Durham)

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    Actress: Susan Sarandon

    Film: Bull Durham

    Sport: Baseball

    I'm not usually a fan of Susan Sarandon, but for some reason Annie Savoy is one of the sexiest characters in sports movie history.

    You have to give credit to a woman who can look like this while she's stroking line drives in the batting cage.

72. Christina Pagniacci (Any Given Sunday)

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    Actress: Cameron Diaz

    Film: Any Given Sunday

    Sport: Football

    I don't know how much business would get done if a professional football team's owner looked like Christina Pagniacci.

71. Adele Invergordon (The Legend of Bagger Vance)

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    Actress: Charlize Theron

    Film: The Legend of Bagger Vance

    Sport: Golf

    Charlize Theron plays Adele Invergordon, love interest of Matt Damon's Rannulph Junnuh. Even with the old-timey hair she still looks amazing.

70. Dorothy Boyd (Jerry Maguire)

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    Actress: Renee Zellweger

    Film: Jerry Maguire

    Sport: Football

    She may already have a kid, but the girl-next-door good looks of Dorothy Boyd will have you shoplifting the pootie in no time.

69. Vicki Vallencourt (The Waterboy)

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    Actress: Fairuza Balk

    Film: The Waterboy

    Sport: Football

    She might be a little crazy and just a bit weird looking, but there's something intriguing about Vicki Vallencourt. Maybe it's because she's not afraid to show off the goods.

68. Isis (Bring It On)

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    Actress: Gabrielle Union

    Film: Bring It On

    Sport: Cheerleading

    Isis brought something that the Orange County cheerleaders lacked: attitude. She wasn't afraid to tell you how it is, and that makes her even hotter.

67. Ali Mills (The Karate Kid)

35 of 101

    Actress: Elisabeth Shue

    Film: The Karate Kid

    Sport: Competitive Karate

    Ali Mills gets Daniel LaRusso into trouble with her ex, but that doesn't stop him from going after her. She's a blonde California babe that the young kid from Newark always dreamed of having.

66. Dr. Claire Lewicki (Days of Thunder)

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    Actress: Nicole Kidman

    Film: Days of Thunder

    Sport: Auto Racing

    Kidman plays Dr. Claire Lewicki, the leading neurosurgeon in the world, sent to help the hot-tempered Cole Trickle recover from a bad crash.

    I'm not sure if hooking up with your patients is always the way to go, but it certainly works in this case.

65. Pamela Wells (Teen Wolf)

37 of 101

    Actress: Lorie Griffin

    Film: Teen Wolf

    Sport: Basketball

    Pamela Wells is the girl of Scott's dreams, and has the distinction of having the first girl-on-werewolf sex scene in the history of cinema.

64. Dr. Molly Griswold (Tin Cup)

38 of 101

    Actress: Rene Russo

    Film: Tin Cup

    Sport: Golf

    Russo plays Dr. Molly Griswold, who is a sports psychologist attempting to help Roy McAvoy get his career back together.

    She ends up telling him to ignore all the advice she gave him and continue to play the way he's always played, which leads him to a record-setting horrible performance at the US Open.

    At least she looks good, though.

63. Kate Moseley (The Cutting Edge)

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    Actress: Moira Kelly

    Film: The Cutting Edge

    Sport: Figure Skating

    We all know the story...uppity female figure skater has problems keeping a partner but gets one last shot with a former hockey player...they hate each other at first but eventually challenge each other enough to bring out the best...makeout ensues...

62. Gloria Clemente (White Men Can't Jump)

40 of 101

    Actress: Rosie Perez

    Film: White Men Can't Jump

    Sport: Basketball

    She may have one of the most annoying voices in film history, but when she keeps her mouth shut she's definitely hot.

    And she gets every answer right on Jeopardy...that's got to count for something.

61. Aurora (Rollerball)

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    Actress: Rebecca Romijn

    Film: Rollerball

    Sport: Roller Derby

    I'm not going to lie, I haven't seen Rollerball (have you?). But when I saw this picture of Rebecca Romijn I knew she had to be on the list.

60. Jane Aubrey (For Love of the Game)

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    Actress: Kelly Preston

    Film: For Love of the Game

    Sport: Baseball

    Kelly Preston plays Jane Aubrey, Kevin Costner's love interest in the film. They have an up-and-down relationship but eventually everything works out. Doesn't it always?

59. Nancy Alleman (Prefontaine)

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    Actress: Amy Locane

    Film: Prefontaine

    Sport: Track

    Prefontaine is one of the best movies about long distance running ever made. I'd run fast too if I knew this girl was waiting for me at the finish line.

58. Lizzie Bradbury (Wimbledon)

44 of 101

    Actress: Kirsten Dunst

    Film: Wimbledon

    Sport: Tennis

    Real life tennis players are hot, and apparently so are movie tennis players. Is it just me, or does she have a little Sharapova thing going on?

57. Mae Mordabito (A League of Their Own)

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    Actress: Madonna

    Film: A League of Their Own

    Sport: Women's Pro Baseball

    With the league struggling in attendance figures, Mae offers the suggestion, "What if I'm going for a fly ball and, oops, my bosoms come out?"

    No wonder they call her "All the Way" Mae.

56. Jenna Reed (BASEketball)

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    Actress: Yasmine Bleeth

    Film: BASEketball

    Sport: BASEketball

    Yasmine Bleeth is better known for her days on Baywatch, but she also played philanthropist Jenna Reed in BASEketball.

    I'd give to her charity any day.

55. Susan (Talladega Nights)

47 of 101

    Actress: Amy Adams

    Film: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

    Sport: Auto Racing

    Everybody loves a girl who wears sweaters and glasses who's super hot once she lets her hair down and takes her glasses off.

    That's why we love Susan from Talladega Nights.

54. Mary Marckx (Without Limits)

48 of 101

    Actress: Monica Potter

    Film: Without Limits

    Sport: Track

    This was the second film released about Steve Prefontaine in the same year. It looks like they upgraded the female lead, if nothing else.

53. Jo (Rounders)

49 of 101

    Actress: Gretchen Mol

    Film: Rounders

    Sport: Poker

    If they show it on ESPN, it's a sport. Playing poker with a scary Russian guy in a back room somewhere has to be a lot easier when you know you have her waiting for you at home.

52. Jules Harbor (Varsity Blues)

50 of 101

    Actress: Amy Smart

    Film: Varsity Blues

    Sport: High School Football

    Even the little sister of the best quarterback prospect in the country has to compete for the affections of Johnny Moxon. Hmmm, what to choose...the girl next door or the whipped cream bikini (coming up, stay tuned)?

51. Lindsey (Fever Pitch)

51 of 101

    Actress: Drew Barrymore

    Film: Fever Pitch

    Sport: Baseball

    Any woman who is willing to run onto the field at Fenway Park in the middle of a game is definitely worth holding onto.

50. Ellen Jane Burrows (Mr. Destiny)

52 of 101

    Actress: Linda Hamilton

    Film: Mr. Destiny

    Sport: Baseball

    Linda Hamilton is pretty hit or miss for most people. In this movie she's definitely a hit.

49. Marcee Tidwell (Jerry Maguire)

53 of 101

    Actress: Regina King

    Film: Jerry Maguire

    Sport: Football

    If you're an athlete, having a wife that knows about the "four jewels of the celebrity endorsement dollar" (shoe, car, clothing line, soft drink) is essential.

48. Jessie Chadwick (Youngblood)

54 of 101

    Actress: Cynthia Gibb

    Film: Youngblood

    Sport: Hockey

    Under previous stipulations, any actress that goes topless in a movie automatically makes this list. This is a movie about a minor league hockey player who is considered "soft" and has to prove that he can fight.

    I'm sure he would fight for Jessie if he had to.

47. Memo Paris (The Natural)

55 of 101

    Actress: Kim Basinger

    Film: The Natural

    Sport: Baseball

    You know you should stay away from her. You know she's nothing but trouble. But you just can't help yourself. Memo Paris is an original temptress.

46. Grace Pasic (Play It to the Bone)

56 of 101

    Actress: Lolita Davidovich

    Film: Play It to the Bone

    Sport: Boxing

    Davidovich plays Gace, a woman who comes between two boxers that are about to fight each other but for some reason have to make a road trip together. Stupid movie, but she still looks good.

45. Suzanne Dorn (Major League)

57 of 101

    Actress: Stacy Carroll

    Film: Major League

    Sport: Baseball

    Any girl who pulls a real life Anna Benson and sleeps with her husband's teammate for revenge is hot in my book. We'll even forgive her for the Woody Woodpecker hairdo.

44. Nerine (Invictus)

58 of 101

    Actress: Marguerite Wheatley

    Film: Invictus

    Sport: Rugby

    She's the wife of the man who single-handedly saved South African race relations through rugby. A terrible movie, but a hot wife.

43. Lala Bonilla (He Got Game)

59 of 101

    Actress: Rosario Dawson

    Film: He Got Game

    Sport: Basketball

    Dawson plays Lala Bonilla (I'm not sure, but I think that's why Carmelo sought out a wife named LaLa), who proves that she's not just a gold digger.

    Although we wouldn't mind it even if she was.

42. Julia Farnsworth (Heaven Can Wait)

60 of 101

    Actress: Dyan Cannon

    Film: Heaven Can Wait

    Sport: Football

    Dyan Cannon is that lady who's always cheering in the front row of Laker games. I didn't realize she was the conniving, adulterous, murdering woman from Heaven Can Wait.

    She sure is a Dynasty kind of way.

41. Hiroko Uchiyama (Mr. Baseball)

61 of 101

    Actress: Aya Takanashi

    Film: Mr. Baseball

    Sport: Baseball

    Hiroko is the manager's daughter given the task of showing Jack the ways of Japanese life. She ends up showing him a lot more than that...

40. Maggie (Lucas)

62 of 101

    Actress: Kerri Green

    Film: Lucas

    Sport: Football

    Before you call me a pederast, please know that Kerri Green was 19 when she made this movie. She plays the cheerleader who becomes best friends with the nerd and dates the stud quarterback (Charlie Sheen).

39. Kathy Alva (Lords of Dogtown)

63 of 101

    Actress: Nikki Reed

    Film: Lords of Dogtown

    Sport: Skateboarding

    Reed plays the little sister of skateboarder Tony Alva who gets romantically involved with two other skaters: Jay Adams and Stacy Peralta. Yes, Stacy is a boy. No such luck.

38. Vanessa Struthers (Any Given Sunday)

64 of 101

    Actress: Lela Rochon

    Film: Any Given Sunday

    Sport: Football

    Rochon plays Vanessa, the strong girlfriend of rising superstar Willie Beamen. Willie may treat her like garbage, but we never would.

37. Carol Boone (Remember the Titans)

65 of 101

    Actress: Nicole Ari Parker

    Film: Remember the Titans

    Sport: Football

    If you're going to change the prejudiced culture of the Southern United States in the early '70s, you're going to need a smokin' hot wife.

36. Dottie Hinson (A League of Their Own)

66 of 101

    Actress: Geena Davis

    Film: A League of Their Own

    Sport: Women's Pro Baseball

    As it is said about her in the film, "She plays like Gehrig...and looks like Garbo!" To translate into this generation it would be more like, "She plays like A-Rod...and looks like Angelina!"

    Either way, any woman that can outshine you in the batting cage is a keeper.

35. Barb Fields (The Comebacks)

67 of 101

    Actress: Melora Hardin

    Film: The Comebacks

    Sport: Football

    I did not see this movie, but apparently it is a spoof on sports films in the vein of Not Another Teen Movie. All I know is that Jan from The Office is looking good.

34. Bambi (The Great White Hype)

68 of 101

    Actress: Salli Richardson

    Film: The Great White Hype

    Sport: Boxing

    I saw this movie when I was very young, but I remember it being funny and I remember this girl being hot. That's all I got.

33. Lexie Littleton (Leatherheads)

69 of 101

    Actress: Renee Zellweger

    Film: Leatherheads

    Sport: Football

    I didn't see Leatherheads and I'm usually not a fan of Renee Zellweger, but she looks good in this old-timey get-up.

32. Lynn Sheridan (The Ringer)

70 of 101

    Actress: Katherine Heigl

    Film: The Ringer

    Sport: Track

    The Ringer is a highly offensive movie where Johnny Knoxville plays a man impersonating someone who's mentally challenged.

    You know what's not offensive? Katherine Heigl.

31. Carol O'Hara (Celtic Pride)

71 of 101

    Actress: Gail O'Grady

    Film: Celtic Pride

    Sport: Basketball

    I'm sure Boston sports fans can fill me in, but I have no idea what this movie is about or what Gail O'Grady does in it. All I know is that she's a good-looking woman.

30. Elizabeth Wilkes (Hard Ball)

72 of 101

    Actress: Diane Lane

    Film: Hard Ball

    Sport: Baseball

    Lane plays the saintly Elizabeth Wilkes who helps coach Conor O'Neill (a stoic Keanu Reeves) get his life back together and help lead his team of underprivileged youth to "the 'ship."

    I don't know if Lane had anything to do with it, but the movie also produced one of the five best Little League-related rap songs in music history.

29. Pat Maris (61*)

73 of 101

    Actress: Jennifer Crystal

    Film: 61*

    Sport: Baseball

    Crystal plays Pat, Roger Maris' wife, in the film about his chase to break Babe Ruth's record. If I had a wife like this I might be a little more motivated as well.

28. Cindy Rooney (Any Given Sunday)

74 of 101

    Actress:Lauren Holly

    Film: Any Given Sunday

    Sport: Football

    Most of you probably know Lauren Holly from her work as Mary Swanson in Dumb & Dumber, but she plays yet another hottie as Cindy, the trophy wife of aging quarterback Jack "Cap" Rooney in Any Given Sunday.

27. Ludmilla Vobet Drago (Rocky IV)

75 of 101

    Actress: Brigitte Nielsen

    Film: Rocky IV

    Sport: Boxing

    Before she turned into a psycho and dated Flavor Flav, Brigitte Nielsen was actually pretty hot. She plays Drago's wife, an Olympic gold-medal swimmer, who is just as dedicated to her husband as she is to her country.

26. Dakota Burns (He Got Game)

76 of 101

    Actress: Milla Jovovich

    Film: He Got Game

    Sport: Basketball

    She may start off as a prostitute who's hooking up with an ex-con, but Dakota proves that she really is the hooker with a heart of gold.

25. Rebecca Flannery (Major League II)

77 of 101

    Actress: Alison Doody

    Film: Major League II

    Sport: Baseball

    Doody plays Rebecca Flannery, Rick Vaughn's publicist, manager and girlfriend for most of the movie. Eventually it turns out she cares more about making money than Vaughn and the two break up, but not before she cements herself as one of the hottest sports babes in movie history.

24. Jules Paxton (Bend It Like Beckham)

78 of 101

    Actress: Keira Knightley

    Film: Bend It Like Beckham

    Sport: Soccer

    Before she starred in Pirates of the Caribbean, Keira Knightley got her start as Jules, a young soccer player in Bend It Like Beckham.

    I love sports bras.

23. Wendy Peffercorn (The Sandlot)

79 of 101

    Actress: Marley Shelton

    Film: The Sandlot

    Sport: Baseball

    Lotioning, oiling...oiling, lotioning! I can't take it any more!

    I challenge you to name one kid who didn't fantasize about pulling a move on their local lifeguard after seeing what Squints did to Wendy Peffercorn.

22. Vicki (Let It Ride)

80 of 101

    Actress: Jennifer Tilly

    Film: Let It Ride

    Sport: Horse Racing

    What is it about the racetrack that attracts hot, older, well-dressed women? I don't know, but Jennifer Tilly definitely qualifies.

21. Carla (Vision Quest)

81 of 101

    Actress: Linda Fiorentino

    Film: Vision Quest

    Sport: Wrestling

    Matthew Modine plays a high school wrestler who also wrestles for the heart of Carla, played by Linda Fiorentino.

    Classic '80s hot.

20. Dede Mulligan (Summer Catch)

82 of 101

    Actress: Brittany Murphy

    Film: Summer Catch

    Sport: Baseball

    At first I felt kind of weird about putting Brittany Murphy on the list, but then I figured what better way to pay tribute to just how talented and beautiful she was.

19. Charlene Fleming (The Fighter)

83 of 101

    Actress: Amy Adams

    Film: The Fighter

    Sport: Boxing

    She may be a little rough around the edges, but Charlene is a prize fighter's dream. She's also not afraid to tell your mom and 12 scary sisters to stay away from you.

18. Anne Marie Chadwick (Blue Crush)

84 of 101

    Actress: Kate Bosworth

    Film: Blue Crush

    Sport: Surfing

    Bosworth plays Anne Marie Chadwick, a competitive surfer in Hawaii who hooks up with an NFL quarterback there for the Pro Bowl.

    Basically that's all you need to know about the movie. That and the fact that Kate Bosworth runs around in a bikini for 90 percent of the film.

17. Lucy Draper (Necessary Roughness)

85 of 101

    Actress: Kathy Ireland

    Film: Necessary Roughness

    Sport: College Football

    It's every guy's dream to have a hot chick in the locker room with them. That's what the teammates of kicker Lucy Draper got in Necessary Roughness.

16. Yvette Denslow (BASEketball)

86 of 101

    Actress: Jenny McCarthy

    Film: BASEketball

    Sport: BASEketball

    The film gets credit for inventing a brand new sport...and for putting Jenny McCarthy in it.

15. Lacey Underall (Caddyshack)

87 of 101

    Actress: Cindy Morgan

    Film: Caddyshack

    Sport: Golf

    Morgan plays country club prime piece Lacey Underall, who skinny-dips and slams tequila shots with Ty Webb and offers caddy Danny Noonan a few lessons of her own.

    Everybody loves a promiscuous rich girl.

14. Annabelle Farrell (The Replacements)

88 of 101

    Actress: Brooke Langton

    Film: The Replacements

    Sport: "Pro" Football

    Head cheerleaders and starting quarterbacks go together like lamb and tuna fish. Plus, how could you resist a guy named Shane Falco?

13. Liz (The Benchwarmers)

89 of 101

    Actress: Molly Sims

    Film: The Benchwarmers

    Sport: Baseball

    I can sit here and tell you with 100 percent certainty that Molly Sims is the only reason to see this movie. That being's worth it.

12. Salad Girl/Sarah (The Benchwarmers)

90 of 101

    Actress: Erinn Bartlett

    Film: The Benchwarmers

    Sport: Baseball

    Ok, so I lied. There's one more reason to see the movie.

11. Sophia Simone (Driven)

91 of 101

    Actress: Estella Warren

    Film: Driven

    Sport: Auto Racing

    There's not much hotter than a sexy woman in a tight racing outfit driving at maximum velocity. Hello Estella Warren!

10. Virginia Venit (Happy Gilmore)

92 of 101

    Actress: Julie Bowen

    Film: Happy Gilmore

    Sport: Golf

    She may look kind of boyish in the rest of the film, but this scene alone vaults Virginia Venit into the top 10.

    I'm definitely in my happy place right now.

9. Cassidy (The Wrestler)

93 of 101

    Actress: Marisa Tomei

    Film: The Wrestler

    Sport: Pro Wrestling

    Some might say that pro wrestling isn't a sport because the outcome is predetermined.

    I say, look at this picture of Cassidy the stripper and tell me she doesn't belong on this list.

8. Kate Veatch (Dodgeball)

94 of 101

    Actress: Christine Taylor

    Film: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

    Sport: Dodgeball

    Christine Taylor (Ben Stiller's wife in real life) plays a lawyer who helps Vince Vaughn and his buddies win their gym back by playing dodgeball.

    Not the most plausible of plots, but she looks hot throughout the whole movie and utters the famous line, "I just threw up a little in my mouth a little bit."

7. Carley Bobby (Talladega Nights)

95 of 101

    Actress: Leslie Bibb

    Film: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

    Sport: Auto Racing

    I was always a fan of Leslie Bibb back in my high school days when she was on a short-lived show called Popular.

    Even though the movie was terrible, I was glad to see her come back looking hotter than ever in Talladega Nights.

6. Missy Pantone (Bring It On)

96 of 101

    Actress: Eliza Dushku

    Film: Bring It On

    Sport: Cheerleading

    I don't normally consider cheerleading a sport, but this list would be severely lacking if I didn't. Missy was the "bad girl" cheerleader from L.A. who shook up the gentle Orange County squad.

    The car wash scene has become one of the most iconic in cheerleader movie history.

5. Buffy and Suzie (He Got Game)

97 of 101

    Actresses: Chasey Lain and Jill Kelly

    Film: He Got Game

    Sport: Basketball

    I think every man who watched this film remembers this scene. If only we were young, attractive, superstar high school athletes and we could go on recruiting trips like this.

    With girls like this, who needs cars and houses?

4. Tenley Parrish (Summer Catch)

98 of 101

    Actress: Jessica Biel

    Film: Summer Catch

    Sport: Baseball

    Jessica Biel's pool scene in Summer Catch is to my generation what Phoebe Cates' pool scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High was to my older brother's generation.

    She's going to be hard to top on this list.

3. Victoria Silvstedt, Playmate of the Year (BASEketball)

99 of 101

    Actress: Victoria Silvstedt

    Film: BASEketball

    Sport: BASEketball

    There's nothing like a hot girl playing herself in a movie. The scene goes a little something like this:

    Coop: "Who's that?"

    Remer: "Who does it look like?"

    Coop: "Victoria Silvstedt, Playmate of the Year."

    Remer: "Duh, it's Victoria Silvstedt, Playmate of the Year!"

    Did I mention she's naked in the hot tub during all this?

2. Claudia (Kingpin)

100 of 101

    Actress: Vanessa Angel

    Film: Kingpin

    Sport: Bowling

    This is one of the funniest movies of all time, and since there's professional bowling in it, technically it's a sports movie.

    Any excuse to include Vanessa Angel.

1. Darcy Sears (Varsity Blues)

101 of 101

    Actress: Ali Larter

    Film: Varsity Blues

    Sport: High School Football

    I'm sorry, competitors, but there is just no topping the whipped cream bikini. Not gonna happen.

    Hottest. Sports. Movie. Chick. Of. All. Time

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