Chris Jericho and Batista: You Be The Judge! At This Explosive Cyber Sunday!

Mark MeyerContributor IOctober 23, 2008

One of the second most powerful, and largest Pay Per Views of them all, next to Wrestlemania, it is time. WWE Cyber Sunday, that takes place live, from the United States Airway's Center in Phoenix Arizona, Sunday, on October 26 at 8 PM Eastern Time, there in which two of the most egotistical men in sports entertainment will collide.

Chris Jericho and Batista have been at each others' throats for quite sometime now, but that will all boil over come judgment day, when Chris Jericho will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against the animal Batista, in what looks to be in JR's quote a slobberknocker of a match.

But what makes this pay per view so special you ask? Let alone the match?

Well now, lets look at it from a different point of view, not only will Jericho be defending his championship, but will also have to worry about of of the most gifted athletes in sports entertainment, that man is Shawn Michaels.

Now I'm not one to play favorites, but we just have to look at it from the story behind the two, Michaels and Jericho simply hate each other, this goes to WWE Summer-slam of this year, when Jericho unexpectedly punched Shawn Michaels wife in the eye, now Jericho claims it was an accident, but that didn't go over well for Mitchaels.

Now I'm sure most of us especially the WWE universe would love to see Michaels and Jericho go at it again, I mean look at what could happen: Two men that hate each other hmmm, I'd say Micheals could cost Jericho his championship saga.

Then on raw Jericho would come out and complain like usual, about respect and discipline, and Michaels would interrupt then have a few words about it, come on people, we've seen that episode a lot! Time for something new.

Now let's talk and look about another individual, Randy Orton, another gifted athlete and son of wrestling legend, "Cowboy Bob Orton."

Randy Orton has been around for quite sometime as well, and has also had his good share of championships, how would this play over for the special referee match? To be honest, with any of the orton's anything could happen, to my belief all Randy Orton wants is what everybody else wants, the World Title.

Now I can go on and on about Orton, and his cunning ways of slipping through the cracks, and you know something, he's right during one episode of Monday night raw, he specifically stated, that if it wasn't for him, Jericho would not have become world champion.

Hmmm, sounds to me like another way of Orton, bottom line, if you select Orton, more than likely he will be targeting for Jericho, which would be yet another great storyline to consider.

Now let's take a look at another superstar, he is a superstar, an idol, and most of all, a legend, now honestly, what purpose does he have in this type of match?

Let alone the storyline? In my own opinion he really don't have a place at Cyber Sunday, now I'm not going to knock him of his past, or who he is as a wrestler, or his career, but I know of one thing, Stone Cold knows how to put on a great show.

Whether it be singles competition, tag-team, or in this case, Special Referee, now we all remember the great many special referee matches he's been in take for example Judgment Day 1998, Undertaker and Kane special referee match, look what happened there, that was something to see.

I don't know what will happen at Cyber Sunday, but only one thing is for certain, when the WWE universe decides, the decision is final! Have a great show.