Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Mick Foley and Monday's WWE News

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Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Mick Foley and Monday's WWE News

Judging from the headline, you might think WWE news has entered the way back machine. Only John Cena is a relevant figure in WWE at this time. Still, just because they are not working for the company doesn’t mean we don’t have things to talk about.

First there is the issue with Hulk Hogan. He’s having problems with Facebook, Ultimate Warrior, heck, even Mick Foley has an opinion of the Hulkster. It’s rare when Hogan’s name doesn’t illicit an opinion. So we’ll explore all things Hulk Hogan.

Since I just mentioned Mick Foley, we should probably talk about his future with the WWE. There was no question that the moment he walked away from the botched operation that was TNA, that he had to be thinking WWE.

So will he come back?

We’ll also be talking a look at John Cena because, well, he’s about to either make or break the career of R-Truth. If Cena stays Cena, he’ll ruin it, but if he can find a way to be selfless in the ring—think Miz’s angle with Alex Reilly—then he could really put Truth over.

We have a ton to talk about and I want to hear your opinion. Agree? Disagree? Something you want to get off your chest?  We’re all a family here. Let’s get it out in the open.

Let the WWE news begin. 

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