Atlanta Motor Speedway Video: Magician's Fail Teleports Him to Emergency Room

David DanielsSenior Writer IJune 6, 2011

This man was way too close to getting on Spike TV's 1,000 ways to die. A magician may never reveal his tricks but no one is even asking this guy. I think this magician might want to stick to pulling rabbits out of a hat.

If you're going to chain yourself to a car, at least have a safe get-away plan handy.  Breakable handcuffs or something.  Magician integrity can be sacrificed for the greater good: breathing.

He calls himself what?!  Moudini?!  The great Harry Houdini is rolling over in his grave.

And how would you feel if you were the one driving that car?  No buddy, those are screams, not cheers.  Get your foot off the gas pedal.

Joking aside, it's good to see that guy alive and doing so well.  He says he's going to be back performing, but again, he might want to stick to five year old birthday party-type tricks.


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