Maple Leafs News: John Ferguson Jr. "Relieved" of GM Duties

Shane NormanCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2008

Today the Toronto Maple Leafs relieved John Ferguson, Jr. (a.k.a. JFJ) of his duties as the club's General Manager, replacing him with Cliff Fletcher. 

This, I believe, should only be the start; everyone above JFJ deserves to be axed as well.

There are far too many chiefs in the management camp of this historic hockey club, and they are at risk of facing ignominious distinction as the first management team ever to let the Maple Leafs miss the NHL playoffs three years straight.  While the group can blame JFJ for his bad signings and trades, in the end it is also true that they have allowed three failing years to pass without making any significant, productive changes.

They waited until it was too late to make an effectual move.  Why any hockey club would walk away from someone like Scotty Bowman on the basis of giving up some controlling power is beyond any Maple Leaf fan's thinking.

The MLSE must replicate what has been done with the basketball organization.  I am sure Richard Peddie has made tons of money for the organization, but it is time for results on the ice.  Winning clubs have intelligent management teams.  Unfortunately, until the Leafs can rely on such a team, the Cup parade plans will continue to collect dust.