NFL Picks: Week Seven

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NFL Picks: Week Seven
These picks have started to become notoriously bad, and I've come to accept that. I'm a good sixty some points behind the leader of the group, and it's going to take a few big weeks for me to catch up. So do I go with the strategery of throwing big points on upsets, hoping to shoot up the standings? Or does slow and steady win the race?

1 point - Cleveland over Washington

Well, this is one of those upsets. However, I'm only putting one point on the affair. I really am buying into these Browns after their win against the Giants. This is more of a game I think the Browns will win, rather than the Redskins will lose. Know what I'm saying? That, and I have to rely on the Derek Anderson / Jamal Lewis fantasy combo this weekend.

2 points - San Diego over Buffalo

I'm still high on the Bills bandwagon, even though that means I now have something in common with Chris Berman. Ugh. But I still think the Chargers are going to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, so I'm picking them this week.

3 points - Miami over Baltimore

Baltimore started 2-0, and haven't won since. Miami has an a very interesting season, to say the least. To be honest, this pick has nothing to do with how good these teams are. I just like Miami colors better. (I'm joking!.... kind of).

4 points - Indianapolis over Green Bay

I actually think the Packers are going to win this game. Why did I pick this?

4 points - Green Bay over Indianapolis

There we go.

5 points - Denver over New England

Man, I was a believer in Matt Cassel for awhile. But it doesn't look like they are going anywhere with him.

6 points - Houston over Detroit

I'm probably going to kick myself later for not putting more points on Houston in this one.

7 points - Dallas over St. Louis

I originally had St. Louis winning this game, putting them at one point. But then I thought how everyone is seemingly picking this as a could-be upset, so I went with Dallas. Then again, I used that same strategy last week, and the Cardinals upset Dallas as I picked the Cowboys. Either way, that game last week was awesome.

8 points - New York Jets over Oakland

Remember when I said I wasn't going to pick the Jets at all this year because of Brett Favre? Well, if Barack Obama can change his stance on public financing, I can change my stance on the Jets (apology for the random and slightly awkward political reference).

9 points - Chicago over Minnesota

Winner takes the lead in the NFC North, along with the Packers of course! You know, this game will be on TV, and I probably won't watch much of it. I never enjoy watching Bears and Vikings games. Not only do I hate both of the teams, but their games always find a way to bore me to death.

10 points - New Orleans over Carolina

The Saints came through last week when I put big points on them. I probably shouldn't put this many points on them this week, against the Panthers, but I'm feeling good about this game and I need to jump up in the standings.

11 points - Pittsburgh over Cincinnati

For all of Pittsburgh's problems, they are going to look unstoppable this week. I'm not sure the Bengals win a game all season, quite honestly.

12 points - New York Giants over San Francisco

Hey, both New York teams play a team from the Bay. That's cool, right?

13 points - Tennessee over Kansas City

This has trap game written all over it.

14 points - Tampa Bay over Seattle

Because I need some sort of reason to be interested in Sunday Night Football this week.

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