10 Most Frustrating Current Players in Detroit Sports

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIJune 6, 2011

10 Most Frustrating Current Players in Detroit Sports

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    While some Detroit teams like the Red Wings and Pistons have experienced their fair share of success, others like the Lions, or even the Tigers, have dealt with way more losing than any Detroiter would like to admit.

    Winning or losing, one thing all the teams have in common is those few players that drive us crazy.

    Be it their bad play, poor attitude, or just bad luck, this handful of current players are really not living up to their full potential, and that alone makes them completely frustrating.

    Here are the 10 of the most frustrating current athletes that the great city of Detroit has to offer:

10. Mike Modano

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    Don’t get me wrong, I respect Modano for what he has done in his career and I know he is reaching the end of it, but he frustrated me with the Wings.

    At times he did provide a spark and I know he was dealing with an injury, but overall he was more hype than anything else.

    In the end I think the Wings could have used his roster spot to start putting a younger player through the ropes, but instead they chose to go sentimental.

9. Louis Delmas

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    Lions fans absolutely love Louis Delmas, and yeah there is not much reason to hate on him.

    He is the emotional backbone of the Lions defense, and obviously with all of his antics he is a fan favorite.

    From a pure football standpoint I believe that Delmas has been somewhat frustrating though.

    For all the talk that he talks he certainly doesn’t come up with enough big plays and he is very prone to getting burnt and taking bad routes to the ball.

    He’s an all-or-nothing type of guy, and that is scary to say about your safety.

8. Carlos Guillen

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    I have to wonder if the Tigers regret ever throwing their hat back in the Carlos Guillen sweepstakes.

    Sure, he’s had his incredible moments as a Tiger, but let’s be honest, he’s been here for about two years too long now.

    If he can ever get himself off of the DL then maybe he can have a chance to redeem himself, but as of right now Guillen is just a big waste of space.

7. Brennan Boesch

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    After Boesch tailed out his rookie season he has been one of the more frustrating players I have had the pleasure of watching.

    I love the guy and I think he has the most beautiful lefty swing, but at times he has a tendency to be stupid at the plate

    With all the natural talent that he possesses we could potentially have an all-star on our hands, but more than not he comes out looking like a little leaguer with facial hair.

6. Jimmy Howard

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    What makes Jimmy Howard so frustrating is that he is so darn hot and cold between the pipes.

    One game he is standing on his head and making some of the best saves I have seen and the next he is flopping around like a dead fish.

    Granted the Wings need to put a little bit better of a defense in front of him as to not hang him out to dry all the time, but I think many people are still questioning whether or not he is the goalie of the future.

5. Rodney Stuckey

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    Granted Stuckey had some very big shoes to fill in the wake of Chauncey Billups, and Joe Dumars didn’t do him any favors by naming him the point guard of the future.

    If we are going to be honest though I think it is pretty obvious that Rodney Stuckey is better suited as a two guard, and more than anything he is less effective at the point.

    Stuckey has had moments of greatness with the Pistons, but overall he has underachieved and has been a horrible leader on and off the court.

4. Brandon Inge

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    Now that Inge is finally out of the lineup, albeit with mono (really!?), maybe Tiger fans might start realizing that they are probably better without him as an everyday third baseman.

    Brando has been one of the all-time favorite Tigers and he has had more than his fair share of success wearing the English D, but let’s be honest, it’s probably time to think about moving him into a bench role, and then eventually off the roster.

    His knees are giving out and he couldn’t hit the ball off a tee. Defensively he is still good, but you can tell he’s starting to lose it a bit.

    Overall it’s been an incredibly frustrating season for Inge, and I think it’s going to continue to get worse.

3. Charlie Villanueva

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    If I gave you a nickel for every time Charlie V has put his back to the basket and tried a post-up move during his time with the Pistons you could maybe go get yourself something from Taco Bell.

    It’s highly doubtful though.

    My main frustration with Charlie stems from the contract we gave him to come and be a “big man” in the Pistons system.

    The ball barely hits his hands before he’s jacking up three pointers!

    Yeah I know when he’s hot he sure is hot, but that’s our big free agent signing?

    I’m almost ready to move Villanueva from frustrating to disappointing.

2. Matthew Stafford

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    I know the potential is there, and yeah I know when he was on the field he showed some spark, but as of right now you have to label Stafford as frustrating.

    That is being quite generous too, because truthfully, I think he has been rather disappointing.

    Sure, he has taken a few good shots, but so does every great quarterback, and the fact that he got hurt falling to the ground because of his own momentum is just plain silly.

    He could end up bring great, but you are lying to yourself if you aren’t frustrated.

1. Ryan Raburn

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    Honestly, Raburn is starting to look scary bad.

    First he somehow used his glove to knock a routine fly ball another 10 feet and out of the park, and now he’s committing errors like Leyland is paying him under the table to screw up!

    He is an extreme liability in the field, but even at the plate he is starting to become hit or miss. Either he’ll jack one out of the park or strike out.

    So frustrating.

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