WWE: My Monday Night Raw 6/6

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIJune 6, 2011

WWE: My Monday Night Raw 6/6

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    Welcome to the next installment of My Monday Night Raw!

    Before we get started, here is a quick recap of last week's "episode".

    The Miz and Alex Riley opened the show arguing with each other. Miz claimed that he made Riley what he is today while Riley said the Miz would be nowhere without him. After a few minutes a fight broke out with Riley coming out on top and quitting from his service contract with the Miz.

    The Bella twins defeated Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly with the help of cheating tactics.

    Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston had a good match that saw Dolph Ziggler picking up the win after Drew McIntyre came out and distracted Kofi.

    Jack Swagger and R-Truth took on Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne in a solid tag team match. Mysterio and Bourne eventually picked up the win and sent Truth into a rage. Truth took out his anger on Swagger and stormed backstage.

    C.M. Punk was upset with David Otunga's limited success in the new Nexus. He said that if Otunga lost his match then he would face "serious consequences". Otunga competed against Zack Ryder and he lost. What consequences will he face?

    In the main event, John Cena took on Alberto del Rio in a non-title match up. Cena dominated the bout from the early on and was in full control until Del Rio decided to stop playing by the rules. Del Rio exhausted the ref's 10 count and both men were counted out. This did not stop Del Rio, as he continued the assault on Cena until we closed our show.

    So now let us begin this week's episode.

Opening Segment

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    We are welcomed by Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Josh Matthews on commentary. The three of them take us back to the events that took place last week between John Cena and Alberto del Rio.

    After the short video package the three are discussing what happens when John Cena's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. John Cena grabs a mic and starts talking.

    He calls Del Rio a coward for not fighting a good, clean fight. Cena says that for a so-called "real" man, Del Rio fights about as well as one of the six-year-old girls out in the audience. Cena says that a "real" man would have kept fighting and never given up. (Typical Cena promo)

    After this, Del Rio makes his grand entrance but stays on the ramp. He has a mic and says that Cena was crying like a baby after Raw last week, and that if Cena thought what happened last week was bad, he should wait until Capital Punishment.

    Cena counters this by saying "why wait until then? Lets settle his right now like 'real' men."

    Cena drops his mic and gets ready to fight when the anonymous Raw GM chimes in. As usual Cena looks disgusted and upset. Michael Cole gets up and reads the e-mail.

    "John you seem ready for a fight and after the events of last week I think you deserve one. John you will get your match with Del Rio tonight. But John, it will not be a singles match. It will be a tag team match. Alberto, you and your partner Dolph Ziggler will take on John Cena and his partner Kofi Kingston."

    Cena is fine with the match but Del Rio is upset about having to compete. But alas, Michael Cole has one more bit of information.

    "And gentleman, there is one more stipulation. The winning team will decide the stipulation for your title match at Capital Punishment".

    With that Cole sits down and we head to commercial with Del Rio and Cena in a stare-off.

Match 1: CM Punk vs. Chris Masters

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    After the commercial break, we go backstage where Punk is talking to Otunga. He tells him to watch how a real member of the Nexus takes care of business. CM Punk's music kicks in and he makes his way to the ring with good heat. Punk looks as cocky as ever as Mason Ryan follows him to the ring.

    Chris Masters' music goes off and the "Masterpiece" makes his way to the ring. Mason Ryan and Chris Masters have a stare-down inside the ring before the referee makes Ryan leave the ring.

    Punk and Masters begin their match with a quick lockup. Masters easily overpowers Punk and throws him into the turnbuckle, flexing his muscles afterwards for a good fan reaction. This only sets Punk off and he storms after Masters, who simply hits a quick powerslam and shows off for the fans some more.

    Mason Ryan gets up on the ring apron to shout at Masters, and distracts him long enough for Punk to get up and hit a dropkick on Masters. Punk inadvertently knocks Masters into Ryan, who is sent flying into the barricade. Punk pays little attention to this, beginning his assault on Masters. Punk stomps and kicks Masters while he is on the ground.

    Masters manages to get back on his feet and grabs Punk, but he counters Masters into a DDT. Punk goes for the pin and receives a two count. Punk gets a smirk on his face as he helps Masters to his feet—only to hit a big, round house kick to his head. Masters collapses as Punk goes for the cover receiving a close two count.

    Punk looks over to Mason Ryan, who has recovered from his mishap. Ryan seems upset and Punk starts yelling at him. He is not paying any attention to Masters, who gets back on his feet before coming up behind Punk and rolling him up for a close two count.

    Masters keeps the offensive going with a belly-to-belly suplex and a military press. Masters is rolling and Punk is dazed. Masters is ready to lock in the Master Lock on Punk. He gets to his feet and Masters locks in the hold. Punk, however, manages to hold onto the ropes with his legs and Masters must break the hold.

    Masters backs off, only to face a closeline from Punk and then a running bulldog. Masters is down on the ground and Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice. Masters is in the middle of the ring and is forced to tap out. The referee calls for the bell and Punk is victorious, he keeps the move locked in for a few seconds before releasing it.

    Punk then gets up and grabs a mic. He says that Otunga should be taking notes on how to win. Punk says that later in the show Otunga will be taking on Mason Ryan.

    "Hopefully Mason Ryan can knock a little sense into you."

    Before Punk leaves he adds one last piece:

    "And Otunga, I should add that the loser of the match........will be kicked out of the new Nexus..."

    Mason Ryan asks Punk why he added that last part but Punk simply says not to worry about it.


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    We head backstage where Drew McIntyre is walking down the hallway and preparing to come out for his match. He runs into William Regal, who asks the young man how he feels about himself.

    McIntyre looks confused and starts to walk off. Regal grabs his arm and tells McIntyre that he could be great in the WWE one day. McIntyre interrupts Regal and says that he is great. He says that he is the No. 1 Contender for the U.S. title for a reason. McIntyre ends by saying that he does not need help or blessings of an old, washed-up performer.

    He storms off, leaving Regal with a weird smirk on his face as we head to commercials.

Match 2: Drew McIntyre vs. Evan Bourne

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    Right as we come back from commercials, Drew McIntyre's music hits and we await his entrance. McIntyre enters to good heat and makes his way to the ring. He stands in the ring awaiting his opponent.

    Evan Bourne makes his quick entrance to a good fan reaction and the match is ready to begin.

    McIntyre starts off the match by taunting Bourne, who answers with a swift kick to McIntyre's leg. McIntyre throws Bourne off the ropes and sets up for a closeline but Bourne ducks under and then jumps over McIntyre, who turns around and is met with a spinning wheel kick to the jaw that sends McIntyre to the outside.

    Bourne puts up his signature peace sign while McIntyre starts getting frustrated on the outside. McIntyre jumps up on the ring apron but Bourne kicks out his legs and McIntyre crashes face first into the apron. McIntyre gets even more frustrated and turns around just in time to see a diving Evan Bourne. Bourne goes for the cross body but McIntyre moves out of the way and Bourne crashes into the arena floor.

    McIntyre begins the assault by stomping on Bourne's ankles and arms. He picks Bourne up and throws him into the steel ring post. Bourne hits shoulder-first and is in pain. McIntyre grins and continues to unleash his furry on Bourne. The referee is up to a count of (7) when McIntyre slides back in, only to go right back out to continue the attack. He picks up Bourne, who kicks McIntyre in the mid-section. Before Bourne can get any offense going, McIntyre throws him into the steel steps and then throws him in the ring.

    McIntyre slides into the ring and goes for the Future Shock, but Bourne counters it into a roll up. Bourne only gets a one count. McIntyre and Bourne get up and begin to trade blows. Bourne goes for a hurricanrana but McIntyre counters it into a powerbomb. McIntyre gets a close two count. McIntyre lifts Bourne up and hits the Future Shock, this time getting the three count.

Match 3: Nikki Bella vs. Beth Phoenix

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    After another Capital Punishment promo, the Bellas make there way to the ring. They are followed by Beth Phoenix, accompanied by Kelly Kelly.

    The match begins with Beth locking in a headlock on Nikki. Nikki manages to squirm out of it and slaps Beth in the face. Now, with the "Glamazon" angered, Nikki runs out of the ring to her sister. Kelly Kelly follows her and jumps on them, knocking them both down. Kelly throws Nikki back into the ring and continues to beat on Brie.

    Beth closelines Nikki and sets up for her finishing move, but Nikki counters it into a roll-up, only receiving a two count. The referee then becomes distracted by Kelly and Brie on the outside. This buys Nikki the chance she needed. Nikki reaches in her boot and grabs another "perfume" bottle.

    She is just about to spray it in Beth eyes when the referee turns around. She throws it at Beth who catches the bottle. Nikki then cries out in "pain" acting like Beth sprayed her with it. The referee sees Beth with it and calls for the bell. Nikki slithers out of the ring as the Bella's celebrate all the way to the back.

Alex Riley

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    Alex Riley is backstage with Maryse and Melina, who are telling him how impressive he was last week and that The Miz deserved everything he got. After they flirt like a couple of high school girls, The Miz walks in on them. Everyone stops talking and Riley and Miz lock glares.

    The Miz says that Riley is lucky that he won't knock him out right now. Riley says Miz is the lucky one. The Miz says that he is challenging Alex Riley to a match next week. Riley has no reason not to accept, so he does. The Miz adds that if he wins, then Riley will return to his service contract.

    Riley agrees with this and The Miz walks away. But before he is completely out of frame Riley adds one last piece. If he wins, then The Miz will serve Alex Riley. Miz is angry with this but keeps his composure and accepts the stipulation.

Match 4: David Otunga vs. Mason Ryan

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    David Otunga makes his way down to the ring upset about his match. Mason Ryan then makes his entrance, and he looks about the same as Otunga. CM Punk follows Ryan and joins in on commentary. The match is set to begin.

    Otunga and Ryan engage in a back-and-forth exchange that sees some nice moves by each man. They are both going at it and Punk is impressed. Eventually, Ryan throws Otunga over the top rope and he lands right in front of Punk. Punk yells at him to get back in there and goes right back to commentary.

    This time Otunga throws Ryan over the rope and he lands in the same spot. Punk gets up from his spot and yells at Ryan to get back in the ring. Ryan stares at punk looking very angry. Punk continues to yell at him until Ryan punches him square in the jaw. Punk is knocked out and Ryan walks off. The referee counts to 10 and Ryan is counted out.

    You're winner by count out, David Otunga!

    Punk wakes up just in time to see Ryan lose and yells that he is out of the Nexus and that they don't need him.

    We head to commercials as our main event is advertised.

After Commercial

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    We come back to find R-Truth beating up on Rey Mysterio. He has already done some good damage and finally finishes him off with a DDT onto the concrete. He tells Rey that at Capital Punishment they will settle this once and for all.

    We now head over to commentary for our main event.

Main Event: John Cena and Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler

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    It is announced that the winning team will select the stipulation for the Capital Punishment Championship match.

    Dolph Ziggler is first out, followed by Alberto del Rio.

    Kofi Kingston makes his entrance, and then John Cena makes his.

    The match begins with Alberto del Rio and John Cena in the ring. The bell rings and the match is under way.

    Cena quickly takes control, putting del Rio in a headlock followed by a belly-to-back suplex. Del Rio gets up but is met with a shoulder block. Del Rio stumbles up and counters a would-be closeline into a reverse neckbreaker. He tags in Dolph Ziggler and lets him got to work.

    Ziggler pounces on Cena and locks him in an armbar. Cena fights out of it and hits two closelines before hitting a shoulder block which leads to the five knuckle shuffle. Cena is setting up for the Attitude Adjustment but Del Rio comes running in and knocks Cena down. Kofi Kingston jumps in and takes care of del Rio. Ziggler gets up and DDT's Kofi then turns his attention to Cena.

    He picks up Cena but he reverses his move and throws him over the ropes. Kofi then hits a flying crossbody on Del Rio and Ziggler as we head to commercial.

    We come back to find Cena in control of Ziggler. Ziggler is in Cena's corner and he tags in Kingston. Kingston goes to work with his usual array of moves. He hits the boom-drop and is lining up for the Trouble in paradise but Del Rio grabs hold of him. Ziggler rebounds and hits a neckbreaker in Kofi.

    Ziggler tags in Del Rio, who works on Kofi's arm. After a few arm bars and arm drags, Del Rio locks in his finishing move. Kofi manages to reach the ropes and Del Rio breaks the hold. Del Rio taunts Cena, who can only look on.

    Del Rio gets ready to lock in another armbar but Kofi hits a DDT on him. Cena is jumping around waiting for the tag and he gets it. Cena storms the ring, taking out Del Rio and Ziggler. Cena sets up for the AA and hits it on Del Rio. He then locks in the STFU but Ziggler runs in and breaks the hold.

    Kingston comes in and hits the Trouble in Paradise on Ziggler. They both go to the outside, leaving Cena and Del Rio. Cena was not paying attention to Del Rio, who manages to roll him up and gets the pin by grabbing Cena's pants for extra leverage.

    Del Rio and Ziggler are your winners, which means Del Rio will pick the stipulation for his championship match. The stipulation that Del Rio chooses is one that only a "real" man could survive. One that only a "real" man would be able to compete in. The stipulation that Del Rio chooses is... an Ironman match!

    Del Rio winks at Cena as we head backstage for one last quick segment.


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    William Regal is talking on the phone backstage and it sounds like he is talking to a girl. Her identity is not revealed because he spots Mason Ryan walking down the hallway. He walks over and tells Mason that he is sorry for being kicked out of his group. He then says the CM Punk does not know how to treat him. He says that Punk wasted a golden "oppurtunity" with him.

    Regal tells him that he has an "oppurtunity" for Mason as we fade to black with them talking.


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    Well, that concludes my show.

    What did you think?

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